Dear Sir /Madam.
I am writing in response to the e mail below. DIRECT PAYMENTS ARE NOT THE WAY FORWARD. I am absolutely horrified you are thinking along these lines. First and foremost Don’t you think us carers have enough to do without the headache of buying in care and services for the people we care for plus organizing the budget for this. Sorting out another bank account to accommodate it sorting out invoices getting them paid. Also I would like to point out I would definitely not be in favour of direct payments for buying in the service my daughter currently gets. What happens when the service provider decides to put up their prices as it usually does on a yearly basis and I am left with a short fall what do I do for my daughter when a five day service budget only then covers 4 days?. I think you politician think us carers are all brain dead. This is yet another ploy to cut yet more money from our budget. The best way forward for carers is NOT rest bite as David Cameron said on This Morning programme on Monday but the ABOLITION OF THE PENSIONS OVERLAPPING RULE for e.g. My state pension along with care allowance. I keep getting told that these are both to replace income but technically if I want to go out to work even after pension age to supplement my meagre pittance of a pension built up with credits because I have spent the last 22 years as a carer, I cannot go out to work because of my carer commitments so on that basis I should still be entitled to care allowance.

Regards Linda Pestano

On 19/9/07 10:39, "CAMERON, David" <> wrote:

Dear Linda,

Thank you for writing to David Cameron – I am replying on his behalf.

We really appreciate you highlighting the plight of carers with David and have taken on board the points that you have made.

We do need to look at expanding direct payments, putting money in the hands of carers and those in need of care to provide for themselves, because we believe strongly that helping carers is the best way to help those they are caring for.

The work that full-time carers or those with little extra help do is unbelievable. They are the unsung heroes of society. They risk ill health. They battle with bureaucracy. They give up work. They often give up much of life. And they do it to ensure that someone they love is appropriately looked after. We don't as a country do enough to celebrate that work, and thank these tireless people and not enough is done currently to help them.

As you will be aware, we are currently in the midst of a thorough and comprehensive policy review process, as part of which we will be considering policies to help carers. We would greatly welcome your contribution to this process.

Once again, thank you for your email.

Yours sincerely,

Alice Sheffield

Office of David Cameron MP
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA


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