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Motability Response to press - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Motability Response to press

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
most of the cars you can afford on motability are too small,can't imagine a mobility scooter in a punto,but modern cars are built to last anyway,why pay 2k deposit on a family diesel estate when i only paid 2k for my peugeot 406 estate on an 02 plate anyway,yes there is upkeep but the £500 to get brakes overhauled,insurance,2 tyres,oil change still doesn't come to £2672.80(dla mobility ),which is dead money at least i own it and can do what i like with it,but the main thing is the money is there to keep it on the road just in case.does it matter what you drive as long as it's big enough,fit for purpose and you can afford it
I do hope someone puts all this across to Maria Miller and her ilk at the Carers Summit. I watched it on the internet last year. Will i be able to this year?
Yes. Carers World radio are covering the AGM again so you can watch again whilst at same time participate in the chatroom if you so wish.

You can also submit questions to ask the Ministers...see here

I have not been round much lately so not sure if Matt already posted the above link.
we use a wheelchair in our car so it does fit and i can imagine a scooter would fit in the back of our punto if we got the right one. no it doesnt matter but i am not sure i agree with people being able to choose low sports cars as a mobility car if they have lower limb problems like spinal problems as surely this would make it worse. we used to have a fiesta which was low and had to change it because could not manged to get in/out of the car. yes it does have to be big enough and fit its purpose. one day we may have to change to a bigger car.
How do you know the people with the sports cars have lower limb problems?
This whole thing is just one big assumption, although I think I'm doing the DM a favour here because they probably do know the facts but choose to ignore them if they get in the way of stirring up hatred.
I definitely think it's wrong for motability to change the rules or criteria based on this because it infers everyone is swinging the lead in order to drive round in top of the range BMW's!
They should realise Littlejohn won't stop until everyone is in a blue invalid carriage or at the very least have DISABLED painted across their vehicle.
yes it is assumption on my part but i dont see why people have to have sports cars these days people are lucky just to be able to afford a car at the moment. i have to say i have not read the piece but i gusses i will hush my mouth because i havent read it
The original piece in the DM was about parents of kids with ADHD receiving free cars which then went on to youngsters driving around in top range BMW's and just general abuse of the scheme.
What it was really about though was why are the disabled driving new cars and not invalid carriages, why are the disabled helped beyond bare sustenance?
ah. well the cars arent free are they people have to give there mobility to have a mobility car. when i pass my test if we applied for a mobility car i was be a 2nd driver but it would be upto mum to choose the car but i know she would not getn anything lavish like a bmw. i do agree that there is abuse of the scheme but not all people do abuse it and it would not be fair to have disabled all over the car. some cars/vans do look like they are for disabled only because you can tell by the way it is set out but i dont agree that disabled people should have a s****y car just because they are disabled.
It comes to something when a charity panders to the whim of the Daily Mail and bleats about misrepresentation of the scheme in the same press release. Although I've personally never understood why some cars are part of the selection available...

Eun, although they have limited to the £2,000 deposit, that doesn't apply to WAVs - the only sensible part of the whole announcement.

But the "good news" is that you can still get a 2-seater sports car for a deposit of less than £1k. The Mazda MX-5... Image
This story has appeared for the third day in succession, with modified text and headline, the value of the most expensive car has been increased from £35,000 to £37,000 in the headline, in the Daiy Mail. It is still misleading, referring to ADHD as sufficient grounds for access to the Motability scheme which was in the original story published a fortnight ago and for which the DM had to publish a correction, factually incorrect and conveniently misinterprets government statistics. So what can be the purpose of this story other than to whip up hostility - or should that be more hostility? - towards people with disabilities? And has the Daily Mail replaced the Sun as government policy maker or is it simply the mouthpiece of the government?

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... payer.html
years ago, my husband had a sports car(it was before we were married). he was pretty fit at that time. The person who loved the car and being driven in it was someone whose Dr had refused to give a blue badge because she would take it as a reason to persuade people to take her out more often,was my Nan, who was 90 by then, could not walk without a stick,and just loved life. She had never driven herself, had a pretty tough life really but if she could get in that sports car and be driven fast, it made her day.
Disabilities come in all sorts. My late mother when she was dying,could not even get into a big car without being helped, yet she could walk a fair way. (she had pancreatic cancer).