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Motability Response to press

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What does everyone think about motability limiting cars of under 2k advance payment following press reports on DLA recipients driving around in BMW's?
Sorry can't do the link but a statement is on Motability website.
http://www.motability.co.uk/main.cfm?ty ... ectId=2779

http://www.motability.co.uk/main.cfm?ty ... ectid=2778

As the scheme uses government funding did the changes come from the government or from Motability? Did the earlier story in the Mail, based on grossly inaccurate figures, influence the decision to change the scheme or was the press briefed in advance of the changes to gain public support? The designated driver five mile rule will impact on perfectly honest claimants, including those living in care homes whose families use a modified Motability vehicle exclusively to visit and take them out. The removal from the list of high-value vehicles is simply a response to public outrage based on jealousy, why should someone who uses their car to enable them to work not lease the car of their choice if they have the means to pay the deposit? And I am more than a little sick of the use of the very few who abuse the benefits system and schemes like Motability to justify changes which impact on the majority of claimants who do not abuse them and of the hostility towards people with disabilities which this engenders.

I have just visited the Mail site and it is now stating that: "New figures reveal 9,100 people with drink and drug problems can get free vehicles", I seem to remember that this figure was debunked when Miller it used it some time back Image .

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... payer.html
why should nominated drivers have to live within 5 miles of the person,and why should they have to be over 21?My husband cannot drive, due to being registered blind.My son does not drive, because his Downs Syndrome and type 1 Diabetes would make it impossible to get a licence. Both Rhys and Katie were named drivers on the Motability car as soon as they passed their tests,and both were under 21. It made life so much easier for me as a Carer.(Motability car is in my husband's name,paid for with his mobility component of DLA,and the car has been used for his needs.)
Our daughter lives 10 miles away, but is a nominated driver.I would be unable to juggle everything without her support at least once every week. She is only 21 now,but has probably done around half of the driving since we had the car.
Thankfully we decided not to get another motability car(car due to go back next week), because I was anticipating that rules may change and things become more difficult. We have to have a car to get around locally,so have been able to buy a smaller car. I am thankful we are in a position where we could do so.
I feel very distressed as it seems like victimisation.There are plenty of disabled people who rely on Carers living more than five miles away.
I have just thought of something else. Several of our young disabled people locally, have vehicles in their name,through their mobility allowance,but the people nominated as drivers,as well as their parents are their care staff.These disabled people live at home with families.If Care staff are not able to be on the list, then the Carer is going to have more work to do, or the disabled person is going to be stuck at home.
We drive a very large adapted van - a Renault Master with a tailgate lift. We cannot use public transport at all (not taxis or buses even if they have a low floor) because Robert needs a 4 point restraining system. If we went on a bus and there was an accident Roberts chair and him is a combined weight of 25 stone or so - imagine that slamming into the back of someone not to mention how dangerous it would be for Rob!

Our van cost us a £7,000 non refundable deposit plus son's mobility allowance for 5 years. I really object to being told by the hacks at the Daily Mail that we are getting a "free" vehicle. We even had to pay extra to have grab rails (£75 each), a door that opened on the side behind the driver (so that we could clamp Rob from both sides - that was £320!!) and for windows that slid open to be fitted onto the doors (£120 each). It seems to be that those who are most severely disabled and need the most adaptations are most severely financially punished. The 5 years will be up in a couple of years and we face trying to find a large deposit all over again. The little bread van/popemobile type vehicles are far too small to take son in his powerchair, son's ventilator, my mobility scooter and a weeks shopping or the stuff Rob needs when he goes to Rachel House for respite, so we have no choice but to go for the biggest van there is.

We didn't bother with the motability scheme but use the DLA mobility to fund buying and running our own wheelchair access van. I know we have to pay for servicing etc. but we still actually work out better off. OK it's not brand new but the extras we needed arrived fitted and we still only paid the asking price.
If we had gone for motability we'd pay them all the DLA and still have to run it!
LD, this has nothing to do with logic.
I do hope someone puts all this across to Maria Miller and her ilk at the Carers Summit. I watched it on the internet last year. Will i be able to this year?
i am not sure if this has anything to do with it but where we live we see people in disabled bays with sports cars and expensive cars getting out and almost running to where ever they going. we also see low sports cars in these spaces and my mum says if they had a mobility problem how can they drive that as its too low.
we also use mums dla money to keep our own car and pay for the services etc which is a fiat punto as mum can still drive on days when she is ok but when we bought the car mum had her dla back dated as she won an appeal and we had to take finance but when worked out it was cheaper in the long run to pay out right which was very hard as we had to find 3k to pay the finance company off as mum wanted to own the car plus we had some trouble with the place we bought it from. all muns mobiltiy part of dla goes on the car none of it on anything else and the car goes on her diabetic diet and personal things we have to buy.
Sianie, the make and model have nothing to do with it and it is incorrect to assume that ownership of an expensive or sports car denotes fraud, higher rate mobility component covers a range of disabilities which limit ability to walk not just those which effect the lower limbs, running is a different matter, the people who you see running are probably using the bays without a blue badge.
i know i was just saying that is what we see and how mum feels as we have never looked into mobility so are not sure what we can and cant have and also i was not saying its faurd but i do think that is you have a low sports car and have lower limb problems then maybe they should have thought about what they are choosing as surely this may cause some problems with getting in/out.