More Abandoning Health & Social Care Contracts

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As may be expected when private firms enter the Social Care arena. ... lor-claims

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Not enough profit ?

Too bad , we'll walk. After all , the clients are not our problem.

We just used them to make money.

Money ... an incurable disease ?

The more you have , the more some want ?
Four months on ... and the exodus continues.

Simple business logic ... why take on a contract to loose money ?

Why not ask the 6+ million carer army to take on a few of these residents ?

After all , simply pay 77p per hour compared with a loss making £ 15 per hour ?

1 in 12 carers receive that sum , on average , whereas there is no record of the income of the other 11 in 12 carers.

Raises that same old question again ... why is the private sector involved in social care ?

Answer ? To save taxpayers paying out ... money is more important than the welfare of human beings.

....... and the System continues to fail our fellow citizens leading to possible criminal charges at some future date ?

In some cases , an elderly person would be better off by committing a crime and letting the prison service look after him / her rather than the " Trustees " at a residential care home ????

Human Rights ? Certainly a wide definition in social care circles , me thinks ?
Care contracts cancelled at 95 UK councils in funding squeeze

read in full here ... ng-squeeze

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From the same Guardian article :
In this month’s budget, the chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced £2bn of extra funding for social care over the next three years, and said the system was “clearly under pressure”.
Suffice to say . no mp or advising civil servant would have the faintest idea what really goes on in the social care sector from first hand experience.

" Carers ? They care ... don't they ? At least we pay them the minimum wage nowadays , what else are they complaining about ? "

I rest our case ....

Probably be the same type of question from any new mp who suddenly finds out that he / she has been " Volunteered " to attend the next Carers Day " Debate " in the House ?

" After all , it will look good on your future cv , and , we must have a least six from our side to show that we care. Never know , a camera may be switched on and it would look bad for the Party. "

Perhaps exchange the word DEBATE for REQUIEM ?
Concerns are mounting over homecare providers withdrawing from local authority contracts. This is serious: homecare services are fundamental to supporting local communities, enabling people to remain at home (as most older people wish to) and enabling many family carers to remain in employment.
read in full here ... re-urgent/
Joins the several articles in the New Section over the past few months.

Bottom line ? No guesses ... five letter word .. m***y ... or to be more specific , the lack thereof.
Not unexpectedly , record numbers of care homes declared insolvent during 2016 ... today's Guardian : ... -insolvent
Seventy-five companies failed in 2016 as councils cut contributions and wage increases raised cost of frontline staff

A taster :
The failures mean that in total 421 care home businesses have collapsed since 2010.

The figures cover nursing homes, homes for the elderly, residential care activities for learning disabilities, mental health, and substance abuse.

FRP Advisory, the consultancy firm, said that care homes were the only industry in the UK to have suffered from rising insolvencies over the last seven years.

Care homes are under pressure because local authorities have cut contributions for residents, while costs – particularly staff overheads – have been rising.

Philip Hammond, the chancellor, announced in the March budget that an extra £2bn of funding would be granted to social care in England over the next three years.

Usual comments section at the bottom ... 70 as I type ... MONEY might feature in 99% of them ... no surprises there ?