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Paula xx

To the Right Honourable Bruce George, Chairman, All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin.

I am writing to express my deep concern about the attitude of staff within the NHS toward the subject of pressure sores.

I first became aware of issues around pressure sores in my work as a carers’ support worker, and on several occasions the resultant sores seemed to me to have been wholly avoidable. In all cases, I was informed that a Waterlow assessment had been carried out on admission to hospital.

Two years ago, my father fell while on holiday in Wales and broke his hip. A Waterlow assessment was carried out: his score was 26 – which suggests a very high risk of pressure sores. He was therefore allocated the necessary mattress and cushions to ensure tissue viability. Two weeks later he was transferred to Leicester. It was four days before I was able to visit him, and I noticed immediately that he was sitting on an ordinary chair and his mattress was not suitable. On checking for his Waterlow assessment, I found that one had not been carried out – at all. In fact, no assessments of any type had been carried out and we were just entering a Bank Holiday.

I immediately queried this with the nurse on station, who said that the ward staff had not had time to carry out an assessment but “he seems fine.â€Â
Dear Charles: I think that is a most wonderful letter you have written, it puts all the points forward in a clear and concise way, thankyou very much for participating in this email campaign, this subject is very close to my heart, thanks again.

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When my father STAN was taken to hospital just a week before he passed away i never thought of pressure sores at all, they made him so comfy (cant spell comfortable or can i ) anywho they had him on some kind of air bed that rippled now and again they turned him i think about every hour or so and checked to see if he was dry. even though we knew he was going off to the big prison camp in the sky they still made sure that he was free from sores.
do all hospitals have these beds?

iam still ill with food poisoning
should have left picture on
Did Stan go in to Freemans hospital George?

I know whilst mam was there 2 yrs ago they had a programme in place where every bed was in process of being changed.If I remember right they were about 1/2 way through when she was in.

Sorry to hear you're still ill.


P.S. I was up your way this morning.Had to drop daughter off at work,Northern Rock at Gosforth.
Just to let you know that I have just this minute sent my emails of. Lucky I signed in or I would of forgot about it! Been a busy few days!

I know that pressure sores are something that happens so easily especially in nursing homes, which I witnessed a few years old, was a 92 year old lady who was on a normal mattress and a piece of sheepskin underneath, she had been bed bound for a number of weeks and when I visited 2 weeks before she passed I was horrified to say the least!! I said that she needed a pressure mattress and that if they didn't asap I was going to report the home ( After she passed I did report them anyway) . They weren't too long getting it for her, but really it was too late. It broke my heart and only wish I had a got to see her long before then.

Mum was in respite for 3 days a good few years ago and had the onset of one developing, but I caught it before it got any further and touch wood never again!

Well done Tony for doing this campaign!

Take care
Maryann x
Thanks very much maryann, i am also going to be doing something in the near future where if possible everyone who has had such experiences could email them to me and then i can present them to certain people, i will let everyone know when i am going to do that, thanks for taking part in this campaign, it means an awful lot to me personally.

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