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Mobility allowance stopped for people in residential care - Carers UK Forum

Mobility allowance stopped for people in residential care

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One the chancellor snuk through under the radar, about page 50 of the Comprehensive Spending Review document - Mobility component for higher rate DLA people living in residential care will be scrapped. Lots of disabled people living independently with support (especially with learning disabilities and medical needs) live in registered care homes. They use these for things like powered wheelchairs (if they can't self propel) or wheelchair adapted vehicles like my sons.
You may want to look at the youtube clip via the Guardian article at http://www.scope.org.uk/news/scope-csr-response

Don't see any bankers under house arrest - that's what it amounts to by taking away this benefit.
i posted about this as well, but i was concerned re our WAR DISABLED VETERANS in receipt of a war pension , within the war disablement pension is a benefit called the WAR PENSIONS MOBILITY SUPPLEMENT W.P.M.S. if in own home you can use this for a motability car ( which we do ) and as the W.P.M.S. is set at a higher level we can get a more expensive car , but what of our vetertans who are resident in care homes such as the ROYAL HOSPITAL CHELSEA the CHELSEA PENSIONERS i know of many who use the W.P.M.S. to either hire or purchase mobility scooters ....when in care home you cant purchase motability car , but can use it for, as i say mobility scooters..


i wish carers uk could ask someone for me i`m sick of asking questions without reply........
Taking the mobility allowance component from those in residential care is an absolute disgrace.

It is perfectly plausible that the partner of the person in residential care can still drive a vehicle but they still live at home so they often visit their partner and take them out to the shop or for a little drive but by taking this component away from those in residential care is resulting in the person in care being literally stuck at the residential home.

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ALEX i aint 100% sure but if in residential care you cant use the mobility allowance to hire/lease a motability car , but can use it for your transport needs- scooters , taxi`s ,
if the resident is paying for his / her own care they do not lose the mobility allowance from D.L.A. ... so that means the rich disabled keep their benefits, but the poor disabled dont, is that fair......
People who have DLA Mobility Component and are in residential care can use the money as they wish: in practice, if they live in residential care they are very unlikely to be the driver but they can have the car - but there would be no money for petrol as they only receive £22.30 a week for all personal expenses if they are not self-funding.

If they are self-funding they keep the DLA Care Component/AA. Now that's an anomaly that could stand being removed.
This will cause much concern and worry.
This is quite worrying- my brother lives in a home and gets high rate mobility- it allows him to go out and do things and is a large part of his spending money. We send money for his personal use and pay for his sky tv- looks like we'll be dipping into our pockets again.
This will affect our R too. His car is used to enable him to attend a working farm twice a week. His activities are catered for his needs, both day and evening times. He has a great social life. This transport enables short breaks too.
These would be severely restricted, some even stop, without his mobility car.