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MINDgate .... ? - Carers UK Forum

MINDgate .... ?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
There appears to be some controversy concerning MIND and their relationship with the DWP.

This will be of interest to any readers using the services provided by MIND and / or the relationship between charities in the social care sector and business ventures.

Will be interesting to see if " Fleet Street " pick up the report , and elect to run it nationally.

The link to the article appearing on the Disability News site follows ... it doesn't make good reading :

http://www.disabilitynewsservice.com/mi ... contracts/
The DWP have made a rod for their own back. With so called reforms covering cuts to benefits and services, an environment of fear for possibly losing benefits, many people have a right to be worried/angry. There is no trust in what they are doing or planning to do and anyone getting too close, rightly or wrongly, will be tarred with same brush.

This article is from Peter Beresford and covers many similar points
https://www.opendemocracy.net/ournhs/pe ... complicity

Almost like extracting teeth ... another Conference League report ... perhaps a Second Division outfit will jump on the bandwagon which appears to be missing a wheel before advancing ?

http://www.thecanary.co/2016/10/13/ment ... lth-jurys/
Just received a hot tip from a VERY reliable source.

Awaiting developments , apparently plenty of the proverbial flying around on Facebook and Twitter.

In essence , a charity getting into bed with a Government department has come back to bite them ... badly.

Further news to follow as and when.
More detailed information available on the Mental Health Resistance Network site :

http://mentalhealthresistance.org/2016/ ... ur-letter/

Initially , does not make good reading for the CEO of MIND.

There is another thread covering the recent announcements by the DWP to changes in PIP which dovetails nicely into elements of this thread.

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... sues-28837

Stand by the nationals / dailies to report on this one.

What affects MIND through poor judgement will have a knock on effect on all supporting organisations in the social care sector.
An extract from an article in the Guardian reproduced here from an ongoing thread inside CarerWatch which dovetails nicely into this thread as a warning as to how the charity sector would change.

August 2012 :
When I first started working for charities I did so because i wanted to change things. I joined at the time when the role of charities was changing. The government of the time had developed the "compact" which was about working more closely with charities.

In reality what happened was that they lost much of their independence and started effectively doing public sector work on the cheap. At the same time, as they were increasingly having to compete for contracts and became more reliant on local and national government, they stopped challenging the government. this was because you don't bite the hand that feeds you.

I left the sector as I started to realise that many of the people I was working with may actually be making things worse if anything. They were actively encouraging councils to let them do work that the state used to do not realising that what they were effectively doing was reducing the rights of staff. In the public sector these people would have proper pensions, normal working hours etc. The charities do not have these perks- instead its more flexible working, lower wages and pensions which are worth less.

Citizens advice is what in some respects a charity should be. They advise people of their rights and try to ensure that people get what they are entitled to and the support that they need. at the same time they carry out social policy work, collecting case studies from which they create evidence based reports which they lobby government on. what they effectively are saying is that we are helping these people but this should not be happening as the state should be doing this so they try to change things for the better.

The fact that the Guardian is trying to compile a list of food banks is proof that this sort of action is a fragmented response to a crisis. some areas will have better support than others and the service will vary widely. more than this, it feels like a hand out and has little dignity to it.

We are institutionalising inequality. the state can support people in a fair way at a fraction of the cost if we let it, we just need to campaign to get back to the system of support that the state set up after the wa
The CEO of MIND has been caught out ?

How many more are waiting in the wings ?