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Better deal for carers - petition - Carers UK Forum

Better deal for carers - petition

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
My husband was diagnosed with mesothelioma (lung cancer caused by asbestos) which is a life limiting, terminal cancer.

He has recently started chemotheraphy and has reacted badly to it. I work full time and trying to juggle work with caring for him is very difficult. Not only am I now faced with this but I have been caring for my Father for the last 10 years now - it is tiring and stressful. There must be thousands of people in the same or similar position as me.

It seems bizarre that if I had a baby my partner would be entitled to up to two weeks paid leave, paid time for ante natal clinics etc but as a worker I am entitled to very little. My options are:

(a) 3 days compassionate leave
(b) flexible working (from home)
(c) unpaid leave
(d) flexi leave
(e) annual leave
(f) take sick leave
(g) reduce my working hours (which has an impact on finances and I cannot possibly afford to consider)

I am fortunate that the organisation I work for and the job that I do allows me to work flexibly from home (but not on a long-term basis). I can imagine, however, that there are thousands of people who work in front-line/customer service roles that are unable to work flexibly and would assume that many of them choose to get signed off (which I don't blame them). I want to make a stand for us workers to try and get employment law changed and have started an online petition (https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/124317) which I am asking you to sign and send out to any of your contacts. I need a considerable amount of signatures just to get the government to respond and 10 times more to get it taken to parliament for consideration.

Whatever type of illness/situation carers are having to cope with it can be a lonely and helpless feeling. Even if I can't change anything for my own situation I hope to be able to make a difference for the future. Your help and support is much appreciated.

If you belong to a local carers group please encourage them to sign. Thank you.

Welcome to the forum. Are you aware that you are covered by the Equality Act, your employers have to make "reasonable adjustments" for you? I would suggest that you contact the Carers UK helpline, either by phone or email, to make sure that your employers are doing all they are required to.
Also, has your husband had a Needs Assessment from Social Services, and have they done a Carers Assessment for you?
Are you aware of NHS Continuing Healthcare. If not, look on Google for more information. Look especially at the Checklist. If your husband qualifies, all the support he needs will be provided by the NHS, free of charge, either at your own home, or a nursing home, there is a choice.
Hope that helps. The forum is here for you.
It is impossible to both work in a paid job and care full time... Something has to give and it is usually the carers health... My husband collapsed with the pressures of working full time and then coming home and helping me with caring for our severely disabled son. More ought to be done to help full time 24/7 carers with a better income than the miserable pittance that is carers allowance (which has to be shared between the two of us as we are both our son's 24/7 carers but only one can get CA) and then people would not have the presssure on them of having to work in a paid job to maintain their income and still have to cope with all that caring entails when they get home. Of course there are different levels of caring where some people can maintain full time working but not when the caring is 24/7 and there are no other services available to relieve the pressure.