Malnutrition Amongst Carers

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Eating is often the only 'pleasure' that a carer can have. The rest of their life belongs to their caree.

Provided , of course , they have enough monies spare to do so ?

To heat or eat can be a difficult choice for upto 100,000 fellow carers using feed banks over the past year.

Anyone want to place a bet against that figure rising over the next year ?
Chris From The Gulag wrote:A search will reveal several reports , on this site , and external ones , dealing with malnutrition issues , but almost all focus on the caree and not the carer.

Last report by the Voice was in 2012 , anyone aware of any subsequent reports looking into this same problem , but with carers themselves ?

Given the economic climate , the phenomenal growth in foodbanks , is it not about time that this Issue was given some priority ? The number of carers using food banks probably exceeds 100,000 as I type , and will continue to increase as Austerity grips even tighter.

First raised in 2004 /2005 ? ( Thread on the old PRT forum ) , hardly any reponse beyond " You've got to be joking ? " from certain quarters but , thankfully , not by a local locum. Shortly thereafter , one Practice introduced automatic health checks for carers , including one specifically looking for signs of malnutrition.

Fast forward to 2017.

Lack of finances clearly a major factor beyond the usual deniability statements issued by the System in an attempt in cover up the effects of their own practices / policies.

What's the state of play today ?
Hello, I'm new to the Forum but this is a subject very close to my heart.I have been quietly campaigning for years for carers health to be taken seriously. The focus is usually on the cared for to the detriment of the tired, almost exhausted, unseen, unpaid and un-looked after carer. With dementia especially, some carers are as old as the person they are caring for and while they strive to maintain a 'living well' experience for that person, they neglect themselves. How to make carers more visible so that their health need is apparent and their physical needs attended to remains a task that requires fighting for from all quarters. To have a report on malnutrition in the 21st century in the UK is shocking.
Hi Janet ... malnutrition ?

One of those subjects that one tends to dismiss as being of a minor issue , and not one has much interest therein.

Problem as highlighted earler is that as austerity tighens it's icy grip , health problems not seen for decades are re emerging.

As more of our fellow carers are experiencing the reality of cutbacks , our supporting organisations tend to be oblivious of life as it is in CarerLand.

Survey ? What use are they in assessing the daily life of a carer ?

One issue that will NOT go away , no better time than now to start taking action if nothing other by publicising the issue through all and sundry.