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More benefit bashing - Carers UK Forum

More benefit bashing

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OMG did any of you see what was in the Sunday People yesterday An article titled We are in a shirking state saying that 2000 out of 3000 people have failed medical tests for their Incapacity Benefit therefore they must be shirkers. What rubbish. This kind of "journalism" is nothing more than a hate article.Why are they allowed to get away with it. If they were doing it to black or gay people there would be an outcry. But it is about disabled and ill people so as usual no one gives a flying monkeys and the press get away with it. How can they possibly know that all these people were shirkers without looking at each individual case on its own merits. Then the same tabloid rags then have the gall to wonder what causes disability hate crimes like what happened to Fiona Pilkington and her daughter! Well stop the disability hate reporting then. By the way i did not buy this red top toilet paper. I saw it on the discussion board of another website. As for David Collins the man who wrote this tosh i hope he has the need for disability benefits someday Illness can happen to anyone at any time. I really think more of us as a society should stand up to this. Would it even be worth complaining to the Press Complaints Commision or would that be like i suspect. A complete and total waste of time I apologise for the rant but this REALLY makes my blood boil
What annoyed me was the fact that just a few weeks ago the government agreed that the medical tests were to strict and they are about to change the tests as they agreed that many people who should not be in work were in fact forced into work when they are unfit ..
Diva neither us or our carees are in the same category as black or disabled, we are non contributers [forget any past contributing] therefore fair game, I believe our entire immigration policy is built around the same argument, ie Country needs them or no they don't, it's all that matters, also think it's the same thinking around right to die or assisted suicide. There is one very large internet site mostly about saving money Image where it seems the vast majority despise the disabled and their carers and the most dreadful posts are overlooked by their mods but say anything slightly un PC about other groups and threads are closed instantly.
Vicky - what site is that please?
Diva-I did not look at the article but I get the gist of it by your explanation.This sort of rubbish also enrages me -and then I calm down as if I cause myself pain -emotional or otherwise -the true scum- most journalists and other unthinking holier than thou morons who truly contribute either nothing or have a negative impact on Society have won.THEY ARE THE LEECHES WHAT VALUE ARE THEY CONTRIBUTING oh dear I am getting angry again
And today the daily express has jumped on this with more biased discriminatory reporting Their article is entitled Benefits Britain exposed. I like some other carers am on Incapacity Benefit.What these articles never say is that a lot of us are paying damn near ALL our council tax our rent, prescriptions. When this is paid i am left with £40 a week much less than those on Jobseekers. With that £40 we are then expected to pay for food electric and dentists and eye tests. Cant be done. I havent seen a dentist or optician in four years. On jobseekers you get full housing and council tax benefits plus £64 a week which costs MORE.And free precriptions too. Yet the Government and media want joe public to believe the sick cost them more.Surely though as a lot of people on Incapacity Benefit are paying things like council tax the money is going back into the system so why are we being persecuted all the time. And why are these newspaper reports not just inaccurate but downright lies

MORE than 2.6 million people in Britain claim incapacity benefit,
costing the taxpayer £12.5billion. ...
re Express article-more fascistic propaganda by the true scum-unthinking journalists who make a negative contribution to Society spouting piffle from a publication owned by a peddlar of pornography.Many of us are ill,disabled or look after people or a combination of all these and are classed as largely scroungers with a few genuine cases -this is a well known tactic
of the Right -attacking all benefit recipients for the sake of (they say) the genuine cases-anybody with a brain cell knows that in pursuing the shirkers and making things harder to get always leads to less people who are genuine even applying-they know this they have no interest in helping the "genuine" people .Many billions of pounds is left unclaimed-They are bullies nothing more nothing less.
Will IM you Boggle