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Lord Kitch Poster : OUR Tombstone : ALL OUR CONCERNS UNDER ONE THREAD ! Some 20+ Years Veterans Make Up The Majority ! - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Lord Kitch Poster : OUR Tombstone : ALL OUR CONCERNS UNDER ONE THREAD ! Some 20+ Years Veterans Make Up The Majority !

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
A " Carers Charter ? "

One of the goals set out by CarerWatch over a decade ago in line with the Carers Letter.

The lack of response from any quarter to that Letter postponed the next step ... moving towards the preparation of what would become a rudimental Carers Charter.

Needless to add , a Social Care lawyer would have been an immense help to us at the time ... the legal section was very sparse as a direct result.

There's still some stuff in the CarerWatch archives that would prove usual IF such a project was recommenced.

The conditions prevailing now are not good for such a project.

Recognition first ... and that simple step maybe still years away.

The " Message " sent out by our supporting organisation does not help our cause ... bland facts / figures and little else.

Joe Public is still only concerned in maintaining his pile ... against all comers.

The GREEN PAPER SOCIAL CARE FUNDING thread contains a couple of more detailed posting on the subject of " Joe Public. "

It's the Daily Mails of this world that need to be won over ... not The Guardians.

" You chose to care ... your parent / spouse / child ... why should WE pay for it ? "

Then , comes the politicians ... and raising taxes just to increase our scraps ???

8 million family carers out there ... how many would need to agree on such a Charter ... even before agreeing on what's actually in it ???

Our Lord Kitch details all the major concerns of family carers ... period !

A Charter would be on a different planet !
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Sun Dec 11, 2016 2:41 pm
Little more than a decade ago , THE CARERS LETTER ... out of CarerWatch with a little help from supporting academics / suits.

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... ps-etc-303

2018 ... a revamp ... welcome to LORD KITCH ... the modern day equivalent ... and expressed in PLAIN ENGLISH.


We have run out of money.

The country is in crisis , social care is in meltdown , and my gold plated pension scheme is in deficit.

We need volunteers for the carers army.

Unsung heroes that have bailed us out for years.

Despite terrible conditions , hardly any pay , no prospects , nearly no support and no exercisable rights enjoyed by others , hundreds if not low thousands " Volunteer " for duty every month.

We need more ... otherwise the 40% tax rate may have to rise ...

It beats being unemployed even if we pay them more than you !

Age ?

Not a problem. As young as 5 , as old as 103 , we take them all !

Disabled ?

No problem , many disabled carers are already enlisted.

When you start to receive your state pension , we will , of course , cease to pay you Carers Allowance.

After all , we can't let you receive more than one " Benefit " can we ?

If you find any spare time while caring , why not find yourself some paid employment ? If you earn more than £ 120 per week , no Carers Allowance will be paid , an 100% clawback.

Why not study to improve your future prospects ?

If you spend more than 21 hours per week studying , we will , of course , not pay you any Carers Allowance. If any problems , we wil require written evidence of your mode of study just to ensure that you are not pulling a fast one.

Why not be really patriotic and care for 2 or 3 ?

Sorry we cannot afford to provide any extra rations.

If more than one of you is needed to care for a caree , sorry , only one Carers Allowance ration allowed.

For a few of the lucky ones who have fallen through the net , free meals are on offer from your local food bank. Latest figures show a minimum of 100,000 of you taking advantage of our generous offer !

Even top ups for those prepayment meters that go round like catherine wheels whenever you put that kettle on ! And , if they spin too fast and catch fire , we send out the fire brigade at no cost to yourself !

Caree in hospital ?

I hope it's not longer than 28 days as we will have to stop your Carers Allowance ration. Travelling each day to visit your caree and / or staying over ? How good of you but don't expect us to pick up the tab.

On many occasions , we will release your caree early ... don't want then overstaying , do we ? Time for you to practice those nursing skills at home ... cannot afford to waste valuable NHS resources , can we ?

Need readmitting ?

Oh dear , time for you to brush up on those nursing skills ... even doctoring ones in some cases ... in the event of the same thing happening again.

Oh dear , feeling unwell , or just had an accident , and need to be hospitalised ?

We'll look after your caree until you are able to care again. Nice surprise will be waiting for you. Our bill , at a minimum of £ 15 per hour , more on weekends and public holidays , for our services .

Visit to your gp surgery ?

No problem , same treatment as all others … no medals or being fast tracked for a family carer.

Caring days ended and residing in social housing , and not on the tenancy ?

Oh dear ... bad luck ... your local cardboard city awaits while you find yourself a job and somewhere to live.

Similarily , under 60 and still live with your caree ?

If your caree's needs are too much , and residential care is needed , be aware that we will take large chunks out of any equity to pay for their care. Still , leaving them with £ 23,000 odd is quite generous , on their death , we'll ask for your home to be sold to pay for our charges. Even then , we still chip away at you assets if our costs exceed the limit.

We'll even tax some of you for having extra space in your homes. After all , we cannot afford to increase taxes and loose votes , can we ?

Need residential care yourself ?

Why not move your caree into the home with you … double bubble if you need to pay !

Travelling on public transport with your caree ?

Fine , full fare like everyone else ... except for guide dogs of course , they go free ! So , to get free transport , just dress up as a guide dog and travel with your caree !

And , when your caring days are ended , don't expect us to provide a " Former Carers Welfare Officer " to help you adjust to life on the outside. We only provide that service to prisoners !

If you sign on at your local job centre for JSA , we will not take into account Carers Allowance as contributions , we will only pay you JSA if your income is below the financial limit currently in operation. Sorry , but caring is disallowed for automatic JSA. So , if he cannot afford to lose £ 62.50 per week when your caring end , get a job like everyone else.

No union. No representation. We have even gagged your supporting organisations.

Zero hour contracts ?

There are no contracts in your gulag ..... sorry , world , to worry about.

Just keep caring until you drop. That's all we ask ... and expect from you.

Your time is now !

Trouble is , he is not kidding .... and never has been ?
Your ability to show truly ,the plight of Carers pittance of a life, highlights that we must work together to defeat the true arrogance of those that run our country and budgets.
Carers are considered an under class ,even stroungers off the State.
Well for one I’m sick of 77p per hour , or nothing if in receipt of a State Pension like me.
If your stamp is being paid then The Government has breached all employment rights.
So let us take them to the European Courts and claim our rights , back pay and compensation.
I’ve been a Carer for many of the past 40 years.
Please send me your support to info@nuc.org.uk.
Let’s fight them for us now and surely enough is enough.
Terry Bayliffe
First step ... has been so for close on 20 years ... the general public ... in particular . Mr. and Mrs. Daily Mail and their relatives.

Win them over with logical arguments and deductions and step two can be prepared.

Whilst the general public still have the tendenancy to say :

" Why should I pay you to care for a family member ? Your responsibility , and you chose to care ! "

.... nothing can ever progress.

How one does precisely that has been ongoing for a decade or more.

In short , NOBODY out there wants to know ... patronising sympathy is the best we have received.

For example , the abhorrent 21 Hour Rule ... and my attempts to get the NUS on board ( Joint interest ) :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... =21%20hour

It doesn't help our Plight one itoa for our supporting organisations to repeat the bland facts to all and sundry ... after a while , it gets boring !

Anything on an organised basis is doomed to failure ... one would need a mandate from a sizeable minority of family carers to start with. Whole realms of stuff in the CarerWatch archives on that aspect.

Also , bear in mind that , at best , 1 in 400 family carers are members of Carers UK ... total including non active ones.

Even 200,000 would only give you just over 1 in 40 ... !!!

That is after in excess of 30 years ... a confirmed non combatant , a charity.

2009 thread ... worth reading in conjunction with this thread as background :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... hilit=2009

Another thread ... article from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation ... aimed squarely at our supporting organisations :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... hilit=luke

Professor Luke Clements ... well known from CarerWatch days :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... t=militant

Army of carers must get 'militant wing' to win rights, expert says.

Carers must 'get angry and militant' to demand better rights, one legal expert has said.

Family carers SAVE this country in excess of £ 135 BILLION each year.

Can anyone expect the System to change that ???

Why do so , it saves everyone else paying more taxes ... which do not win votes.

The words from a Judge are our best hope ... assuming , of course , someone somewhere launches a test case ?
Quick wash and brush up ... at £ 15 per hour ... for our " Old Boy. "

Opening few lines ... PRESS GANGED ... added to reflect actual reality ???

Anyone with anything new to add to his tombstone ???
But remember no backchat.
Lambs to the slaughter rarely bleat ... even on that first day on the Somme in 1916.

Accepting their fate as if it were their destiny.

Backchat ?

Occasionly but ... that's not part of the terms of servitude.

Servitude to the System that purports to be " Social care " in this Sad New World.
Quick wash and brush up today :

If you find any spare time while caring , why not find yourself some paid employment ? If you earn more than £ 123 per week , no Carers Allowance will be paid , an 100% clawback.
Oh dear , i spotted a glaring omission ... me again , not another reader ... carers' assessments !

Now rectified :
A Carer's Assessment ?

Fine ... although you may well have to wait for anything upto a year for one.

We'll probably offer you the whole world for free but ... if it means that someone else has to look after your caree , we'll probably charge £ 15+ per hour for the baby sitter.
Carers Week.

Time to give the old boy a wash and brush up ... still in the wings awaiting his curtain call when the Carers Strategy finally takes centre stage.

If the present one is yellowing a little on the wall at CUK hq , I'll print off another one and send.