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Lord Kitch Poster : OUR Tombstone : ALL OUR CONCERNS UNDER ONE THREAD ! Some 20+ Years Veterans Make Up The Majority ! - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Lord Kitch Poster : OUR Tombstone : ALL OUR CONCERNS UNDER ONE THREAD ! Some 20+ Years Veterans Make Up The Majority !

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Added :
Similarily , under 60 and still live with your caree ?

If your caree's needs are too much , and residential care is needed , be aware that we will take large chunks out of any equity to pay for their care. Still , leaving them with £ 23,000 odd is quite generous , on their death , we'll ask for your home to be sold to pay for our charges.l

Goldilocks needed ... too hot / too cold or ... just about right ?

Lord Kitch to " Mock " family carers a little more ?

Time for a little shuffling ... without sector titles ... me thinks ... needs to flow a little more ?


Or . perhaps , two versions ... one with sector titles for anyone OUTSIDE of CarerLand ?

Shame I can't get Lord Kitch to leer a little more ?


The bane of posting anything ... so much is interconnected !!!

Just spotted another omission ... gps ... Carers Flag Scheme !

" Good mourning , I'm a family carer > "

" So what ! Want a medal ? Get in the queue ! "

.... working on it ... honest !

Tombstone ... for a giant ???

" What about unsafe hospital discharges ? "

.... working boss , working ...

" 80 year old carer taking her 60 year son / caree into a care home with her ? "

... to do , boss ... to do.

Tombstone ?

Nobody said anything about a whole cemetery full of them !

And yet , EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 6.5 millions family carers IS affected by , at least , one or more of the injustices listed ... so far ???
Just been revamped ... reads better ? ... a couple more to be added.

Rembrandt or Picasso ?

HOSPITAL DISCHARGES and ... I'm sure there's something else ?

Phew !

Any apprentice punkawallas about ???

It ain't 'alf ' ot ... mum ! "
Not sure about leaving with 23000 - I expect that goes to. You wouldn't let anyone put a charge against the property if there was still 23000 cash somewhere to hand.
An interesting thread on that very subject ?

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... -out-19980

Come that Green Paper , things MAY change ... yet again ?

AGE UK is the best source for all the variables involved when a caree moves into residential care.

For many , a ticking time bomb which will detonate on the death of the caree.

For many carers , akin to losing the lot in a poker game.

One then leaves the table , and heads towards the door with only the clothes on his / her back.

A new life awaits.

Some have the comfort of family ... others do not.
An excellent analogy, but does one know it is a game of poker at the start? Often hits those already in comfortable family arrangements , perhaps been living together for years so no concerns about who will inherit etc.
Yes ... a poker game from the start.

No sit down money ( The 1 in 4 ) , no entrance to the poker game ( Reliance on local LA to fund social care. )

Only those with money can afford to " Sit down. "

Those with a thicker wad than most will already have protected their assets through " Legitimate " tax schemes ... designed to cheat the tax man out of a large slice of inheritence tax ... minimising tax / tax avoidance ... a rizla cigarette paper between the two ... at times.

Interestingly , virtually all the wacko new proposals to fund social care , one of which even has the blessing of our Carers UK , are based on the ABILITY TO PAY.

ANY proposal based on that premise is doomed to fail ... NO DIFFERENT from what we have now.

NONE have started from the premise :

NHS / social care ... recombine ... fund from GENERAL , PROGRESSIVE , TAXATION ... from the cradle to the grave.


Iching to really expand on that but ... time to slow those horses !

A hint ?

NHS centres ... hospitals / specialist units / residential care / gp surgery / charities / food banks / transport hub ... all in ONE complex.

A Health Centre for the modern age.

Achievable ?

Yes .... and at a cost of less than one might think.

Hold those horses !!!
Chris, if we have a leadership challenge this week perhaps you may throw your name into the ring (sorry you are probably cringing at the thought of mere association)
I would say the current set up hits the average working man hardest. Looking back at dad he worked in a steady job all his life after doing his bit for King and country. The family only had a handful of holidays over decades and never abroad, mum always struggled to find spending money for food and clothes while the mortgage was slowly paid off. I have memories of being little and mum hiding from the milkman because she didn't have enough to pay him that week. The one golden aim at the end of all this relative hardship was to own the "castle" - security for the family above all else.
Then having lived a decent honest hard working struggling existence for over 90 years a game of poke for his daughter. Not what he envisaged.
I am fortunate - my cards landed ok but I am doing my best to highlight this for others whose cards may be less favourable.
Love it ... especially at this hour of the day !

I would never join any organisation that would have me as a member !

( Thanks Groucho ... the only Marx worth reading ! )

Heatwave ... tends to throw everything out of gear !

7 years has been a long time to be away from carer affairs.

Rolling up me sleeves , and joining with those in the trenches . has been an interesting experience.

Tack on my work with CarerWatch and close of 14 years worth of thoughts / ideas are slowly being applied to all areas of CarerLand.

No personal interest ... just steps in ALL directions to ease the plight of so many.

My handle :

" Without deviation from the norm , progress is not possible. "

Enough of me , it's the Plight that matters ... to all !
Unsafe hospital discharge bit added :

On many occasions , we will release your caree early ... don't want then overstaying , do we ? Time for you to practice those nursing skills at home ... cannot afford to waste valuable NHS resources , can we ?

Need readmitting ? Oh dear , time for you to brush up on those nursing skills ... even doctoring ones in some cases ... in the event of the same thing happening again.

Where's Goldilocks again ?


" Earning a dishonest crust , dearie ! "

Too hot / too cold ... just about right ?
Very good analysis of the Despair in Care. However how many of tbe public care about us. Many believe we are on some gravy train and should go and get a proper job.
That I would love, though what of my sick wife. Ah yes the State would deal with it, that is if she wasn’t already dead. Then the care plan, consisting of low paid individuals who only turn up to get paid.
So then we have to live with all the guilt.
I have seen reasonably rational older people, ending up alone, because their families have imploded, then stuck in a very modest nursing home, only to die after crying themselves to sleep.
We the millions of CARERS must demand a bill of rights ,Mandy’s Law “ CARERS CHARTER “.
Let us make the Government provide or rights and right to refuse being a Carer too !
Please go to www.nuc.org.uk and joiin our fight for justice.
NATIONAL UNION of CARERS (NUC) was formed to fight for our right to exist , be respected and rewarded for all the Great Work we do.
If we don’t come together and fight , the Government, The local Councils and all those Private Agencies will cintinue to laugh at us ,whilst getting rich on us too !
Thank you for reading this it’s our lives that are being destroyed ,not theirs.
Terry Bayliffe info@nuc.org.uk