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Carers Campaign - 10 minutes of your time - Carers UK Forum

Carers Campaign - 10 minutes of your time

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Usually when you get sponsored, money is pledged. However, so members here can truly benefit from this offer, if you pledge support to the below, I will do a sponsored silence for 24
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Seriously,as the date for the Election will be known soon and we have no idea how many MPs will lose their seats, CarerWatch wanted to help raise the carer issues on a local level too, by contacting as many Prospective Parliamentary Candidates as possible, from all parties. The response to date has been good,with a few of the central offices sending out mass emails to all their candidates to save us some time.However, a better response is received if contacted by one of their own constituents.

I will post a few links so that anyone interested can see what has been going on.At the bottom of this email is 2 actions that you can help with.

Carers campaign details

List of PPCs to date cross party with comments added.

These are a few names who pledged support too...several pages of comments been added.

Alan Wheatley, Green Party Spokesperson on Disability and Social Care
Geoff Fimister Campaigns Officer -Independent Living
Norfolk Community Action Group
Carers UK
Alexandra Kemp, Chief Executive, West Norfolk Women and Carers’ Pensions Network
Labour Representation Committee
Professor Peter Beresford - Director Centre for Citizen Participation - Brunel University
The Princess Royal Trust for Carers & Crossroads Care

So how can you help....there are 2 ways

1st one, which will take seconds of your time is to pledge your support too and feel free to leave a comment . 109 names so far which already includes some members from here.

2nd one should take no more than 10 minutes of your time or can be done in several slots depending on the time you have available.This one requires sending the following letter to ALL the parliamentary candidates in your area.

E-mail to local candidates

I am writing to you as my local candidate to ask if you will support carers and sign the two statements below.

They are being proposed by CarerWatch which is a group of unpaid family carers. You can see all about them at http://carerwatch.com/

The first statement concerns carer poverty. After twenty years of promises of better financial support for carers during the boom times carers are still waiting for help. Now it is the bust this situation is becoming desperate.

The second statement concerns ESA. CarerWatch are only asking for protection from 'conditionality' for the most severely and enduringly sick people as they should never have been caught up in these reforms without protection.

You can see the campaigns at -


and I really hope you will sign and support carers.

The letter can be amended to suit yourself. Although CW started this,it is a Carers Campaign,it is your campaign, so you can post any replies you receive here, or send them to admin@carerwatch.com

With cutbacks,homes/day centres closing, this is the ideal time to keep the pressure up especially on a local level.

Many thanks

x x
Just to confirm the sponsored silence will take placea at our home ROSEMARY will be unable to talk as once the old doll gets going you cant get a word in edgeways - and she can do the cleaning as well .

i`ve sent off e-mails to nearly all our local M.P`s - asking some of them to stand down as they have given us no support over the last 13 years i have had about a dozen replies all from the TORIES they must have a good team behind them not one reply from Labour 1 from Liberals out of about 26 e-mails
I have also sent off my letters and emails to everyone concerned
PS. The tally doesn’t seem to be recording the number of visits