New Minister

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James Purnell has been appointed work and pensions secretary in the reshuffle following Peter Hain's resignation.

He has some history with carers, as when he was a Minister at DWP before, he came and spoke to carers at Carers UK's Annual General Meeting in 2006.

having been at that meeting matt, it does not fill me with much hope for the future of carers, as i found him to be rather dismissive of us. Lets hope he proves me wrong.
Quote from the government press release announcing Purnell's appointment and the new ministerial team at the DWP:

"I am delighted to be returning to the Department of Work and Pensions, to deepen the reform of the welfare and pension systems and continue to tackle child poverty. My aspirations are to ensure everyone has the chance to be self-reliant in old age, and to make work the right - and the responsibility - of everyone who is capable of it." Purnell

Change of Secretary of State then but no change in policy. The release can be read here: ... wsAreaID=2