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Lib dem plan for elderly care - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Lib dem plan for elderly care

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Charles said:
[quote]Let's face it]

I agree with this proposal, I think it's the most effective start to eradicating Carer poverty.

Most Carers in my Group would welcome this - I've already asked them!!

The key is the Carer Premium being raised by the same level as any increase to Carers Allowance so we avoid the dreaded or should I say HATED: given with one hand and taken with the other system we have currently. Image

Nobody benefits from that one!! Image

marie x
Totally agree, Marie.
Saw this on BBC website

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is to outline a £2bn "care guarantee" plan for the elderly, as part of his proposals to reform the NHS. He will say the extra cash should fund a minimum level of care for all who need it, rather than being based on their ability to pay.


It is interesting that both oppostiion parties are coming up with big proposals on social care, perhaps it is finally being seen as an 'electable' issue? What do others think?


Image We all know about Election promises or is that me being an old cynic Image
Hi Gordie!

I don't think you're being cynical at all: election promises are generally not to be taken seriously. However, when all of the main parties start to sing from the same hymn sheet it's more difficult to then back down later on and change your mind. It also tells us how well we're doing as a movement in keeping carers' profiles high - the more promises (whether genuine or not), the better we're doing. When we're not on the radar, nobody promises anything because they don't need to.

Of course, as always, it's most important to get the promises delivered!
Is is not the concept of a Social Wage that we should be pushing for, after all we are required to Care for a minimum of 35 hrs a week and the UK minimum wage is £5.52, are we not missing something here. We are required to jump through hoops for Carers Allowance entitlement of £48.65, crazy isn't it less than 9 hours at minimum wage rate. Even with the premium add on and Income Support this works against us further with the overlapping benefit rule. I know that the new Carerwatch website is going to campaigning for this and have some stuff on their website about this. Aprt from the Green Party no other Party are even discussing close to this. For Carers to function properly and to feel valued they need their monety looked at after all out of the other public services that have made the news in recent time Police, Teachers, Nurses and Doctors. Are we not mor in need of arealistic review?, and none of this 2.2% in line with inflation, but a realistic living benefit in line with todays cost of living.