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Level Of Carers Pittance ... Sorry ... Pittance ? - Carers UK Forum

Level Of Carers Pittance ... Sorry ... Pittance ?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
On a quiet day for news from our world , one from the archives of both CW and the Voice.

2007 ... now 9 years and countless casaulties amongst our ranks later.

Obviously , the modern day Oliver would wait a little longer for his bowl of scraps as the queues are almost out the door in many areas.

Victorians ? We will beat their record !

Having finished , he now approaches the local DWP representative , dressed in suitable attire given his function , and , on behalf of all adult carer inmates , he asks that question again ...

The question asked before has the same relevance today despite us knowing that nothing other than scraps are on the menu unti the next parliament ... if economic conditions worldwide do not intervene to force an earlier election.

I have left nothing unchanged. The actual author ? Several can claim plagiarism on this one ... no problem with that in carer circles ... the style may give it away ?

A new idea / slant on on who or how the amount of Carers Allowance could be decided.
Is this worth considering?

Many will be aware of the All Party Carer Group in the House , chaired by Dr. Hywel Francis , Labour mp , and also Vice President of the Voice. To date , I have yet to locate any link to this Group which would enable ANY carer to have a direct input.

Level of Carer Pittance. Why not take this decision out of the hands of the politicians , and let an independent third party Tribunal judge ? I have in mind something along the lines of ACAS , those readers involved with trade unions will know them well ?

To date , I am not aware that a suggestion along these lines has been muted before. Obviously , there are dangers should a Tribunal not agree with us that the present level is too low , but what are the realistic odds on that ?

Said Ruling would be binding on all parties ( government and carers ) and on all political parties ( in event of change of government in any future election ).

For background , the All Party Carer Group must , by definition , have a mountain of paperwork readily available to save time.

Win loose draw ..... one to support or , one to blow out of the water ?

Strictly between the author and all readers , a similar worded email was sent to the APCG earlier this year and , guess what ?

Correct ... still waiting for a reply.

Must be on holiday or , as it was sent by a peasant , an ordinary carer , treated with distain as they had no right to contact them direct in the first place ?

Keep it quiet ! Otherwise someone might get his knuckles rapped for taking direct action !

Whatever , something to kick around without any CS or Admin lights flashing in an emergency call out.

Every reader has a dream of receiving more in CP ( No longer worth calling it an allowance ... is there ? ).

Blinkers please ! Not the level or overlapping benefit rule. Nothing to do with how much !

I appreciate that many readers will be enjoying Black Friday during the day. Same here in downtown Worksop. I have never seen so many queuing outside the Pound shops !

Even the local shylocks are busy handing out £ 5 notes to be repaid when one's CP comes in next ! Hang
on , you'll better make that half next one , the balance from the one after that.

This time , who , independently , should decide on the level ?
Almost dumbfounded by the responses to this question ... especially so with the Carers Strategy just around the corner.

The NUMBER ONE priority ... finances.

On a separate thread in the CAMPAIGNS section , we are told that carers have been approached for their views ahead of the CS.

I would add a pinch of salt to that ... various contacts report nothing ... unless certain " Consultations " are going on that we do not know about ... and , if so , how can anyone speak for the whole carer army , or have a mandate to do so ?

Almost a " Here's our answer , what was your question ? "

Time to address the same question again ?

One bit to add on ... eligibilty ... only 1 in 12 family carers claim CA in the first place ... if all goes well , might have more to report on this by the end of June.

Prime reason ... the usual that have no changed for decades ... the " Overlapping " benefit rule ( State Pension considered a benefit !!! ) and others ... 21 Hour Rule being my pet hate as it literally means thousands stand no real chance of better paid employment when the caring ceases.

Full sp on the traps / mines awaiting all new carers can be found under our Lord Kitch :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... rd%20kitch

For many , knowning that they are a " Family carer " comes into play ... as does the existence of Carers UK.

Identifying carers / carers' card ... interlocking priorities ... back burner jobs for more than 20 years ... perhaps " Our " own supporting organisation should consider changing " Representing all carers " to " The few carers that we know about " ?

Anyone want to have a crack ... minimum wage / state pension level etc.etc. ?

Plenty in the archives from times when carers actually expressed an opinion.

After all , one never knows when the DWP might drop in ... ?

No good expressing displeasure AFTER the CS ... no one will be listening again for a generation !