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Launch of Government's Carers Action Plan for England - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Launch of Government's Carers Action Plan for England

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
It's way too late for me to go back to work! Now I'm an OAP I don't get a penny. In theory I could have Direct Payments, but theory and practice are so different. I had my son home 8 days straight recently so he could do what he wanted, go on holiday with me, eat the food he likes, see things he likes, on holiday. I got NOTHING!
Difficult morning for trawling ... a SECOND article finally tracked down ... Local Government web site of all places ... another Conference level outfit.

https://www.localgov.co.uk/Action-plan- ... ched/45413

‘Action plan’ to support unpaid carers launched.
The Government has launched a £500,000 innovation fund as part of a new ‘action plan’ to improve support for unpaid carers.

One in 10 adults in the UK provides unpaid care for a family member or friend who cannot cope without their help due to illness.

In order to help these unpaid carers the Government has started a two-year programme which includes employment support for carers.

This was welcomed by adult social care directors as ‘a good next step’.

The programme will promote best practice for flexible working so that carers are able to continue to work alongside their caring role.

There will also be a new £500,000 Carer Innovations Fund to promote innovative ways to support carers.

Alongside these measures, the new programme includes funding for a review of best practice in identification of young carers and access to support.

‘It’s a sad fact that carers too often feel ignored, isolated or taken for granted, and given any one of us could become a carer at some point in our lives, government and society must do more to support them,’ said the minister for care Caroline Dinenage.

‘We recognise the invaluable contribution of carers, selflessly caring for those they love, and these measures will mean they are supported in all facets of their lives.

‘Together these measures are a step-change in the way we support carers so they can gain employment, learn the skills they need to succeed and feel supported by the communities they live in.

‘Our review to identify young carers will ensure they don’t slip through the net, and that they receive practical and emotional support to allow them to stay healthy, happy and make the most of their education.’

Responding to the announcement, Glen Garrod, the president of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), said: ‘As leaders in social care across the country, ADASS is keen to see carers, who make such a crucial difference to the people they look after, recognised as the vital support that they are, and this action plan is a good next step towards making this happen.

‘We have contributed to this discussion and advocated for this action plan to be published for some time, so it’s good to see some progress on this.

‘It’s crucial that carers are given the support – and respite – they need to be able to fulfil their role effectively. We have consistently called for a sector-led approach which has as its heart the needs of the local communities, with resources from central government supplied to facilitate this.

‘Only by taking the lead from people we care for, in the communities in which they live, can we deliver an approach that ensures the best possible care.’

Genevieve Edwards, director of external affairs at the MS Society, also welcomed the news, but said there was a ‘lack of any real commitment to increase financial support for carers.’

‘Unpaid carers are under untold pressure, with over four in ten admitting they struggle to make ends meet,’ she said.

‘Given it’s their contribution keeping our social care system afloat, they deserve better.

‘The Government must urgently deliver a funding solution so the system works for unpaid carers, and everyone else who relies on it, both now and in the future.’

Well , at least the MS Society have stuck their head above the parapet !

They have tended to publically praise our role within the System ... unlike many other caree supporting organisations.
Make that three ... a Championship level source ... the Daily Express :

https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/97001 ... -hours-law

Carers news: Carers to be given more flexibility BY LAW says Government,

MILLIONS of adult carers looking after ageing or sick relatives are to be offered flexible work hours under a new Government pledge.

The scheme will allow carers to start work later, finish earlier or have an extended lunch break.

The measures will also see the introduction of a paid ‘carers’ leave’, which will allow for viewing care homes and attending hospital appointments.

The length of the ’carers’ leave’ is yet to be decided. However, one charity has suggested it should last for between five to ten days a year, in addition to annual leave for holidays.

According to Carers UK, one in eight adults (6.5 million people) are carers with 625,000 suffering physical and mental health problems as a consequence of the stress which it entails.

In total, carers save the economy £132 billion per year.

Emily Holzhausen, Director of Policy at Carers UK, told the Daily Express:

“We are welcoming the measures around flexible working which will make a practical difference to carers’ lives and we are also welcoming the fact that BEIS is considering the question of dedicated employment rights for carers alongside existing employment rights and will be working so that any emerging carers leave proposal is as effective as it can be.

“Carers UK has been calling for a right to paid care leave at between five to ten days."

The government’s revised approach on assisting carers is being led by Minister of State for Health and Social Care, Caroline Dinenage.

Miss Dinenage told the Daily Mail:“It’s a sad fact that carers too often feel ignored, isolated or taken for granted and given any one of us could become a carer at some point in our lives, government and society must do more to support them.

“I want to see better recognition of carers across society so that they can get the support they need. As a former business owner I recognise the contribution carers could bring if employed. Why can’t more employers offer flexible options that enable carers to work alongside caring or re-enter the workforce after time off?

“My mother cared for my grandmother when she developed dementia and she balanced this with supporting me through the birth of my first child.

“Her support was indispensable but it must have been a challenge to balance these responsibilities and still have time for herself.”

“I like to think she could have benefitted from the plan we’re now working to roll out to more carers, to help improve and enrich their lives.”

In an exclusive report published on Tuesday, the Daily Express revealed that over 160,000 of Britain’s pensioners and disabled people are “trapped” in debt as they cannot afford to pay their bills.

The investigation found some of the UK’s most vulnerable are amassing huge debts after being forced to pay thousands of pounds for care, either in their homes or in residential accommodation.

Still , with reporting like that , mid table at best next season ?

" Millions " will benefit ... want a bet ?

Few hundred thousand at best !

In turn , how many carers will leave the workplace as the caring duties increase ???

At least Carers UK can smile , a mention !

ENOUGH reports ... I'll just trawl for reactions and quotes from now onwards.
We should call their bluff, lets welcome all these new carers rights to work and demand they pay agency's to do our job while we go off on courses to learn how useful our caring has been for future employment and then we can join the queue at the JC while the LA pays £££££'s having agency's provide the paid carers to do what we were doing for a pittance.
So ,no mention of all the carers and who they care for being treated like crap by the dwp .
According to the canary disabled people in Scotland are getting the you know what end of the stick .
And still no mention of doubling carers allowance like wot ids said should happen .
As far has i am concerned the biggest help govts could render carers and carees is to leave us alone ,no more changing the name of benefits to hide cuts would be top of my list ,plus still paying carers when they reach 65 would be second on the list.
Rant over.
Ground zero ... major media coverage ... day two.

Nothing identified.

Perhaps newspapers like the Guardian see this as " Insignificant " and not worthy of even being printed ?

Either way , it does affect a small minority of carers ... as such , even a mention in dispatches ?

There again , the majority of carers may share the view of " Fleet Street ? "

Nothing in it , why bother ?
Reservations now available for the forthcoming CarerLand mock funeral for this Plan ... 20 needed just to ensure that what we say is going is to be done is actually done.

That's the way family carers have always done things ... our word is our bond ... unlike others that we come into contact with.

Our new t-shirt with our logo ... " To eat or heat , that's the THE choice " ... will be available to be worn in the proceedings.

A plot of unconsecrated ground has been acquired ( On the green outside the House , to the left of the food bank ) , just need a few coppers from those attending to pay the grave diggers , both on zero hour contracts , to ensure that this abonimation is buried at least ten feet under.

We did invite representatives from both our supporting organisations to say a few words at the service but , unexpectably , neither had any staff available for a couple of hours on the day.

Never again to be mentioned on this forum as it's toxicity to family carers is now well established.

Perhaps a passing reference to " That Non Plan " would not offend any future readers ?

No headstone ... perhaps a token nuclear waste warning symbol ... who on earth would want to visit it ... or , in times to come , want to refer back to it ?

Not even a wooden stake needed , it died before it was born.