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Launch of Government's Carers Action Plan for England - Carers UK Forum

Launch of Government's Carers Action Plan for England

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Carers UK today welcomed the publication of the cross Government Carers Action Plan for England saying that it provided some positive short term measures to support carers, but that carers would be disappointed that it did not go further to recommend or deliver any additional financial support for carers. The Action Plan is designed to deliver activity for carers across Government over the next two years ahead of the Green Paper on social care, due to be published this summer.

https://www.gov.uk/government/publicati ... 18-to-2020

In response to the launch of the plan, Heléna Herklots CBE, Chief Executive of Carers UK said,

“Thousands of carers shared their experience to inform the development of this Action Plan, reflecting the strength of feeling among carers that much more support is needed. The publication of the Action Plan provides welcome recognition from across Government of the need to put in place practical measures now to improve support for carers.

It includes several measures that we have specifically called for, including; a review of dedicated employment rights for carers; an innovations fund to develop new ways to reach carers with information earlier; and training for NHS staff to better support carers. We will do all that we can to ensure that these positive measures are taken forward.

However, we are very disappointed that the Action Plan does not commit to further financial support for carers. With the cuts to local government funding and services, support to carers has never been more important. The Plan raises greater expectations for more far reaching proposals on the funding and support provided to families and friends who care, as part of the forthcoming Green Paper on social care. We will continue to press the Government to make sure that the Green Paper brings the wider changes to our social security, employment, and health and care systems that carers need.”
Thanks Michael ... a brief look at page 20 told me , and 6.5 million other carers , what we needed to know.

Carers Strategy thread ... latest posting on there covers this " New " Berlin Wall that is being created ( Only discussed in the
preliminaries at the last CS as that thread will show ) :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... 2008-28906

At least then , carers themselves challenged it and , from subsequent events , the DWP backed off from introducing some of their ideas !!!

In essence 30 pages out of 31 of no value whatsover UNLESS a carer can balance work with caring.

Section on child carers ... noted ... I will add no more.


And , for the millions of carers , including pensioners and child carers , who cannot , what is their fate ?????????

DWP opened the trapdoor , and Carers UK fell straight in ... with their eyes closed ???

Definately one advantage to being a charity ... " It's nothing to do with us , we are a charity ! "

I won't ask the obvious question ... just how long have Carers UK known of these intentions ... as far back as the meeting in March 2017 , the outcome of which still remains to be posted on this forum ?

No , I will not ask that question as no answer will be forthcoming.

I can understand why ... perhaps others can draw the same conclusion ?

Hopefully , tomorrow's media will throw some more light on this ... famous last words ?
I've just read all 31 pages. Some fine words but little content, just more studies creating jobs for civil servants. None of it changes anything for me.
I don't welcome anything at all about this total waffle, never seen so many words that say precisely nothing, absolute disgrace.
Would have been nice to see carer groups express nothing but regret at having wasted precious minutes reading such patronising rubbish.
Action Plan reaction ?

A trawl through the first editions on the major UK news web sities ... plus a couple more to be sure.

Result ?

Zilch ! I'll repeat trawl later this morning.
Correction ... spoke too early :

Care appointments web site ... a conference level outfit when compared with the news outlets in the premiership !

https://www.careappointments.co.uk/care ... d-response

New two-year action plan to support unpaid carers draws mixed response.

New Government measures aimed at supporting carers have drawn a mixed response.

The two-year action plan includes a scheme to boost employment help for carers, and a £500,000 innovations fund to find fresh methods of support.

The MS Society expressed concern at a lack of "any real commitment" to increase financial support for carers in the package, but welcomed measures to encourage flexible working.

In the UK, one in 10 adults provide unpaid care for a family member or friend who cannot cope without their help because of illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction.

The plan will also fund a review to find the best ways to identify young carers and help them access support.

Care Minister Caroline Dinenage (pictured) said: "It's a sad fact that carers too often feel ignored, isolated or taken for granted, and given any one of us could become a carer at some point in our lives, government and society must do more to support them.

"Together these measures are a step-change in the way we support carers so they can gain employment, learn the skills they need to succeed and feel supported by the communities they live in.

( 21 Hour Rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

"Our review to identify young carers will ensure they don't slip through the net."

Labour's shadow minister for social care Barbara Keeley said Tory cuts had been "inhumane".

"This action plan is notable for planning very little action that would actually support carers, when the need for support through better-funded social care has never been more urgent," she said.

"After eight years of inhumane Tory cuts to council budgets, there is a £6.3 billion hole in social care funding. That means there are 400,000 fewer people receiving publicly funded care, and that is heaping pressure on unpaid carers."

The MS Society's director of external affairs, Genevieve Edwards, said: "While we're encouraged to see positive steps on employment in the carers action plan, there remains a lack of any real commitment to increase financial support for carers.

"Unpaid carers are under untold pressure, with over four in 10 admitting they struggle to make ends meet. Given it's their contribution keeping our social care system afloat, they deserve better.

"The Government must urgently deliver a funding solution so the system works for unpaid carers, and everyone else who relies on it, both now and in the future. People with MS can't wait any longer."

The Centre for Ageing Better's chief executive Dr Anna Dixon said: "Proposals to strengthen flexible working for full and part time workers, as well as provide paid carers leave, are extremely welcome."

Oh dear , must watch our Ps and Qs ?

Still , a fresh stater for ten ... must be one later ?


It's really all about undervaluing carers, help back into work, what they mean is "real" work. I'm almost 60yrs old and have cared for my very severely disabled son round the clock for 20 yrs, I have a forced appointment this week with my work coach under threat of sanction. I phoned to explain my son cannot be left with minimum care which is what he has due to social services slashing his funding so the work coach will have a note on my file to phone me today to discuss my getting ready for work plan.
I believe in lumping the full on 24/7 carers in with what they call the "broader sense" of caring to include people popping into a neighbour and maybe picking up some shopping they can totally ignore that unpaid carers are actually employed in extremely hard work which involves not only long hours of often very hard physical work but is emotionally draining too.
My day is usually 18 hours, will be interesting to see how the work coach will find me time to concentrate on "getting back to work" after all at approaching 60 I'm running out of time to re-join the real working population.
This action plan should be treated with the contempt it deserves, we may not be able to change it but those that claim to represent us should be condemning it wholesale and not welcoming anything, most especially as there is nothing enshrined in law in any case.
Odd ... work , work , work and ... work !

And yet , NO increase in the earnings limit , nor relaxation in the 21 Hour Rule.

No mention of that in the Carers UK press release.

Smoke and mirrors again ?
For readers with strong stomachs ... Carers Radio ... interview with Caroline Dinenage , Care Minister ... be warned !

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NO0BD2V ... e=youtu.be

7 minutes worth ... enjoy ?

No need for a jury ... GUILTY !
That " Other " outfit's response :
Giles Meyer, CEO of Carers Trust, said:

“We’re pleased that the Government has published its long-awaited Carers Action Plan. We’re also pleased to see the results of the Call for Evidence, which we responded to, along with carers and local services.

“It is good to see commitments from the government to England’s diverse range of carers, and we hope it makes a significant difference as we await the long-term changes that we expect the social care green paper to make to the funding carers and local services need.

Suffice to say , at least I posted it ???