Anonymous CAB author ... Guardian 1 April ... and NOT an April Fool's one !!! ... nefits-dwp

How many readers won enough on last night's lottery to be able to afford what's shown in the basket ?

There is a danger with articles similar to this one.

Fast rewind to 2004 , and the first wave of LA cutbacks. Initially , reports throughout the press , gradually dropping off , then almost disappearing at the same time more LAs jumped on the bandwagon as the poineers had encountered no resistance !

Fresh news is always better for selling newspapers than old news. Think of money / one's job first despite whatever justification there is to continue old news.

Aberfan / Orgreave / Hillsborough ... just three that have transcended the traditional newspaper proprietor's policies ... all the country can be grateful for that concession !

Having said that , what one interrupts as " Justice " remains on ice.

Ask 10 people at random what " Justice " means , general answer from all with 10 different degrees of emphasis ?