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Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
as no one has said owt about his speech, i must assume he had nowt to say , am i right???

he did say we will have yet another commission to report late 2011, then yet another white paper 2012, so nowt can happen till spring 2013 what a blody farce ,,, and of course as we all know he does not have to implement any changes put forward by the commission , such as the carers alowance should be doubled ..

now that we have a commission the ministers will hide behind the commission ... wait till the commission reports .. now how many times in the future will we hear that .. and if we are now awaiting the commission report is it fair for the minister I.D.S. to change the carers allowance before the commission reports ....
Making us wait for the commission might prove to be a bad move - if the cuts in social care packages force too many carers to give up paid employment there are going to be a lot more carers shouting for a fairer deal long before 2013!!!!!!
He talks of prevention, personalisation, partnership,protection all of which carers at home can provide, along with compassion , dignity, independence , respect & freedom, to be free to chose what kind of care the elderly disabled person or their family want for them , Imelda did mention this a wee bit, I did notice the "in" word a few weeks ago from Cameron and his sidekick Clegg did not get a mention, probably because it did not begin with the letter "P" that word " Responsibility " .... you know what they said families had to accept their responsibilities, and if they did we would support them.....

this commission is yet again all about residential social care , it will not look at the real problem of social care, that is as we all know social care begins at home, most families want to keep their elderly parents out of the social care system , we should be supported financially if we can care for the elderly at home . the cheapest form of social care is to keep the elderly out of the residential care home system , not all will be able to do this many will be unable to care for their parents , therefore . we must have good care for those that do enter the care system .... but the cost, this commisssion will have to sort out the funding for residential social care once and for all ... some kind of voluntary insurance aimed at mainly home owners , to protect their families inheritence , and if you have no savings no home you will still be entitled to care within the system...
George - yes the central issue will be the protection of inheritances - carers will be sidelined till the next review/commission!!!! Image
i'd like to know why it only takes the government a few months to decide to hit us all with cuts etc yet it takes 3 years to decide how to help us. it is simple to sort talk to us carers then we can tell them what we need and then the can go sort out how to fund it.
We were told changes afoot 20 years ago for fulltime unapid carers.
1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 WHAT MORE FALSE PROMISES AND SUPPOSED CHANGES TO HELP US FULLTIME UNPAID CARERS AND THEIR CAREES.


Can I ask people who want to comment about political events - entirely legitimately - to use the campaigning section, which is what it is for. This is a request from carers visiting the forum.

Many thanks