News Section ... Further Information ?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
In the absence of anyone else doing this , feel free to post under this Thread should any reader require
further information on any news article ... an update and / or further source etc. etc.

Some Threads , especially of the information variety , will be topped up as and when.

Local news ? Anything worth reporting on the world of carers ?

Having said that , our Mistress Trawler ... All Hail The Toon ! ... on CarerWatch could have posted several
tens of local stories of LA cutbacks / eligibilty criteria tightening a day during the initial surge during
2007 - 2009.

Boy , did she cast some nets in her time. Always mackeral , never salmon ? James Mitchell Trawlers
Limited of Gallowshield ?

For some , being " Brown bread " finally qualified you as being eligible.

Oh dear ! Too late I'm afraid !

Service offered column ticked to meet Government guidelines , service declined column also ticked.
Probably , a bonus for whichever LA employee had the most service declined ticks ?

" Paupers' funeral or local lime pit , squire ? "

Having Rights as carers doen't mean you can exercise them ?

I will add whatever may be available under that Thread , and report back under this Thread.
Take away OUR own News Section and ... what real news is available on either of our supporting organisations' sites ?

During CarerWatch days , news was the catalyst for all that followed.

I tried to emanate the same when returning to the forum just under a year ago.

I spotted a deficiency , and tried to retify it.

Sure , I might miss a few but we are all living in information overload times.

FOOD / HEALTH / HOUSING / FINANCES / SUPPORT / TRAVEL ... the main issues supplemented by related articles that may impact apon us third hand .... eg. cutbacks in Government funding to LAs dovetails into several of the main issues.

It is upto each and every board visitor whether or not to read any news items.

More / less ?

That's down to board members ... bearing in mind that most news relating to CareeLand and CarerLand will be adverse ... reflecting life as it is for us in our worlds.