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News Section ? Some Statistics / Feedback Needed : Any Additional Areas Of Interest ? - Carers UK Forum

News Section ? Some Statistics / Feedback Needed : Any Additional Areas Of Interest ?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Just to record a trend seen over the past 15 / 16 months or so with feedback / problems arising from articles posted in the News Section.

Universal credit thread as an example :

UC matters dealt with off forum ... 23.

All bar one direct as opposed to a pm through here.

All bar two solved by providing links to external sites with the information being sort thereon.

Carers UK Advice Team recommended for those two.

UC matters dealt with on forum .... NIL.

The biggest change to the welfare system since it was introduced !

Similar results on other " News " postings.

Seems to be a reluctance to post on the forum ???

Why keep track ?

A measure of my own " Effectiveness " on the forum , providing background on all issues affecting Carerland.

Any suggestions from readers ?

Even " Shut up and disappear for another seven years. "

Thanks CUK.

Fine ... how about ten ?

" Why read the News section ? It's depressing and it doesn't concern me. "

CarerLand extends outside one's own four walls ... and a roof ... leaking or otherwise ?

For many , the chain to one's caree doesn't help ?

Perhaps the " News " section on the main part of this site is preferable ???

Anything to assist ... that's what I'm on here for.
I'm somewhat overwhelmed by the responses / feedback.

The Carers Class of 2018 ... not a very good year , me thinks ?

I will carry on ... regardless.

Possible moves afoot to replace Carers Allowance ... muted a while ago ... odds have shortened since then.

Anyone interest in that ?
I'd just like some Carers Allowance!
Over 'alf a million who currently claim CA might be asking the same question in a few weeks time.

There again , there is always their carees ?

I'll add to the CS thread ... once I've further explored a couple of elements that are part of a hypothetical switch , but keeping in line with , in Government policy.
Keep up the good work chris. I read your posts with interest, thanks, regards, wagstaff.

So far , my invoice to date ... one recipient ?

Food bank vouchers accepted ... more common than £ notes on my manor !
I read most, understand few, respond to fewer
The world outside of CarerLand ... and how it encroaches on and governs our lives.

Almost akin to a conquering army at times ... UC / Lord Kitch terms and conditions / social care meltdown / Austerity measures / energy and housing costs spiraling out of control / care home scandals and closures etc. etc. ... all part of the " Conquering " element ... a social war more apt ?

( CUK ? Carers Trust ? None of the above appear to be on their agendas. Both are declared " Non combatants. " )

EVERY SINGLE READER is affected by most reports ... housing rising towards the top of major social issues ... even with some home owners with a caree who may need residential care before long.

My " Job " is to bring those issues out into the open via publishing articles as and when.

Most will interconnect with others ... major task to decide on whether to post a new one or to add to an existing thread.

Interlocking ... try CUK's own HOSPITAL DSCHARGES thread ... ans see what REALLY is involved with that issue !

At least , readers of the forum will be kept informed ... if they want to be.

Closing one's eyes and ears to approaching storms ... Carers Strategy shortly ... never works.

Try either of our support organisations; NEWS sections in comparison !

The blueprint for what I've taken on was our own trawler on CarerWatch.

Without her contributions , CarerWatch could never have functioned like it did.
Thanks for all your feedback ... much appreciated ... not ?
I always try to read, but am a bit overwhelmed just now Chris.