Calling all Medway carers. I am thinking of starting a petition about the dreadful decision of the £75.00 that the council have said that must be paid in order for a carer to travel free on the buses when travelling with his caree.(only one way mind) Before I start tihs I would just like to test the water so to speak, to see how many carers from Medway would be interested in signing a petition. I have contacted various councillors and departments of the council including the leader of the council and the transport manager. My carer Scott cannot afford to use the buses more than a couple times a week and this can be difficult if he is needed to collect supplies for me if I cannot fo out myself. Please leave a reply if you would be interested in starting a petition. Take Care Alison ImageThe pertition is now activated.

All carers are welcome to sign the petition. The more people who sign the better the chance that something can be done. To sign the petition please click on the link below. Please pass this on to carers who are not registered with carers uk Thanks and Take Care Alison Thanks