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Keep counting carers

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Of course, whatever their suspicions/paranoia, as I recall around 6 million people did fill in the carer's part of the form, which was quite a large response! The eventual results were adjusted as always to take account of variable response rates in some areas, but can be taken as definitive. There is also an annual household survey which covers a small sample of households and helps to fill in the gaps between censuses, though I've never seen a copy.

The main value isnt so much the sheer awesome number of carers, its the detailed constituency by constituency and ward by ward information that clearly shows how carers are clustered in poorer areas and amongst ethnic minorities. In practice it wouldnt make much difference if there were 7 million of five million carers, its still a lot of people, and the services are grossly inadequate to meet the needs of all but a tiny fraction of these.

As for the next Census, I dont suppose the numbers of carers will change much, but it would be handy to see what trends there are so i would urge everyone to support this valuable initiative.
From the Theyworkforyou site........

Lindsay Hoyle (Chorley, Labour) | Hansard source

To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will take steps to ensure that the number of carers is counted in the 2011 Census.

Angela Eagle (Parliamentary Secretary, HM Treasury) | Hansard source

The information requested falls within the responsibility of the National Statistician, who has been asked to reply.

Letter from Colin Mowl, dated 9 July 2007:

The National Statistician has been asked to reply to your recent question asking that the number of carers is counted in the 2011 Census. I am replying in her absence. (148072)

The inclusion of a question on carers on the 2011 Census is still being considered and the importance of the topic and the value of the data are recognised. Its inclusion is dependent upon space available on the census questionnaire and the requirements from statistics users for competing questions. Consultation on the content of the 2011 Census has identified demand for about six pages worth of questions per person. However, cost constraints and the burden on respondents are likely to limit space to three pages of questions per person and so there are difficult choices to be made.

The final decision on the content of the 2011 Census will ultimately be for Parliament to make.

Thanks for bringing this back up again rosemary.

I can't stress enough how important it was to get this questuion in the census. There is a real and serious danger that we will lose this question.

I would urge all carers to write to their Mp's about it.

There is information about it here

http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaign ... tingCarers

The census is not perfect as I pointed out on 16 April, but it is better than nothing.
Local Authorities should be especially concerned as they have to fund the needs of Carers via social services departments etc..
Am I perhaps being cynical to suggest that the Government will not welcome this kind of statistic which Local Government can use to claim higher subsidies from them.
There was talk on Radio 4's Today programme this morning of an increase in Council taxes owing to chronic underfunding of Local Authorities by Central Government.
Not only should the Carer question be included in the decennial census, it should also be included when Local Authorities present rate damands etc. to householders. In order that the information should be as accurate as possible, allowing for those who fail to respond to the question.
best wishes normangardner

We need to keep the question and ideally ask another]

I guess that makes me an unsupported carer as I will do anything in my power to keep away from social services. Look on any forum, how often do we get a good result from these people without wearing ourselves out doing it?
Also, as it was 6 years ago, I don't know how the question was worded, so if as many people now as then do not regard themselves as carers, they will still not get counted. Those of us who accept we ARE carers will put that down as our occupation.
Anything to do with the government is all in the wording and how they chose to manipulate the statistics.
Disillusioned?? You bet Image
Well me feelings are that social services do nonthing for me and everything is an effort on there part as if they are doing mum or l any very special favours or them not going out of their way to give us any support what so ever.

I welcome Lord Tebbitt's, valuable contribution to this debate whiuch crosses party boundaries. The Government may be relenting on this one - one more heave !
Read the debate via the following link and see what you think ?
http://www.theyworkforyou.com/lords/?id ... 8&s=carers
best wishes normangardner
AN EAST Lancashire MP has backed a Commons campaign for carers to be recognised on the next national census.

http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/ne ... 36.0.0.php
Thanks for bringing this up again.

I know that Carers UK's policy officer Kate has been working extremely hard to raise this in Westminster to try and bring this issue to the notice of politicians and you can see that in both the debate Norman posted and the link rosemary just posted. What is also making a huge difference are the letters carers have written about this topic, as well as the support we are getting from academics.

We may be a turning a corner but it is far from won, if you haven't already I would urge everyone to take a look at this issue.

http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaign ... tingCarers

Thanks for that link Rosemary. I notice there is no longer a carers' question on the sample questionnaire. We must keep up the pressure!