Issues relating to PiP ?

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A few articles on this Issue around this morning , here's one of the better ones : ... be-stopped

Makes perfect sense , perfectly summed up :

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) co-founder Linda Burnip called the reassessments “a total waste of money.”

She asked: “Why reassess, unless the aim is to find new ways to remove people from claiming the benefit? “It shouldn’t be reassessed,” Ms Burnip told the Star.

Little more to add , this one's appears to be clear cut.

What counterfeit " Get out of jail this time , punk ? " card will the DWP play ?
It seems to me that the PIP assessment/reassessment isn't being applied evenly across the country. My son was awarded it for the first time without a face to face assessment.
Post code lottery rearing it's ugly head again

Question : Having passed an initial PIPs Assessment ( Someone with a proven clinically condition that will only worsen) , why the need for another Assessment at a later date ?

Perhaps one should swop PIP for Lazarus when faced with that future Assessment.

Patron saint of the DWP perhaps ... some even take a course in necromancy over there ?

Still , future jobs may need a few zombies to work alongside the robots ?

Assume a real live fictional character ... Tommy of The Who fame ... passed fit to fix pinball machines ?

Nearest one ? Say 100 miles away. 3 trains and a bus ? Guide dog cannot drive.

Madness ....
Several reports / articles around this morning , this one from the Independent : ... 78926.html

The most striking feature from virtually all articles are the numbers being quoted ... supporting organisations and DWP.

If using the same data , both cannot be right.

So , whose wrong ?

In any case , it is of no comfort to any readers whose caree has lost a special adapted motor vehicle.

To compound the loss , public transport assessibility issues coupled with ... no prizes for this one ... the carer having to pay full fare whereas most carees go free.

One reason why I alerted several caree supporting organisations early on to the Carers Concessionary Travel thread , and the number of reads continuing to rise ... pleasuring to see one's views taken on board from others seeing the real issue at stake ???

Interlocking themes ... the bane of both CarerLand and CareeLand.

And , it will take a joint effort to solve them.

Carer / caree ? A partnership. No caree , no need for a carer.

Perhaps even an ecological one if applied to human carers / carees ... one needing the other to survive in this Sad New World.

Simples ?

And yet , beyond Trussells in their field , virtually all supporting organisations still wear separate team colours and are bound by blinkers to only consider their supporters.

Time for them with catch up with life in CarerLand / CareeLand ?

Some supporting organisations need their chosen beneficiaries more than those benficiaries need the supporting organisation. Can have one without the other , but only one way.

Unless the beneficiaries themselves are just one " Hive " without a queen ???

How can that happen ? Or , be allowed to happen ?

Evolution ... stagnation leads to what it says on the tin.

For the benefit of us all !


Yet another example of just how one issue interlocks with several others !!!

The almost compulsive need to step outside and examine the bigger picture , and how the pieces fit together to make a new picture if you only change the shape slightly of one piece.

Grasp that concept , and , hey presto , a tidal wave of new thinking / ideas / ways / solutions .... evolution
.... science / technology works precisely like that.

Lighting by gas or the potential of nuclear fission.

Perhaps scientists to replace all and sundry in the social care thinking / planning department ? After all , they are visionaires by nature , bringing in those in the technical fields to get whatever off the drawing board and into mainstream life ... even an abacus would be an improvement in our sector as is the concept of burning any " Heretics " at the stake for any with ideas outside The Word ?

In social care thinking / practice , even gas lighting would be a giant step forward !
As can be expected , not much real news around today but ... this one does ask some disturbing questions ... as if it was the first of this nature to be reported ? ... 82991.html

A little taster as to the bottom line in all of this :
The claim comes as new figures show private companies that run the assessments on behalf of the DWP are set to rake in more than £700m from their five-year contracts.

Labour accused the Government of “rewarding failure” by contractors Capita and Atos, who had originally been expected to take just over £500m from the deals.

Nice little nest egg if some mps had shares in them before awarding the contracts ... allegedly !!!!

Make of this one what you will.

If published , we can assume that the DWP were content even if they bounced it off their legal team first.

A phrase extracted from the Comments section at the bottom :

Tory Soylent Green factories

Not " quite " yet ... first stop would be an Eugenics Party ... time to clean up those old genes ?

I don't think that Charlton Heston would be amused , even if he was buried with his guns as a reward for being a leading light in that outfit ?

Sure Chuck , we in the UK admired you as an actor , but not in real life for your beliefs !

You lost out to Clint , no need to hve taken the " Feeling lucky , punk ? " gesture into real life ?

I couldn't happen here ... could it ?