Always interesting to cross the Irish Sea occasionly , and find out what our Irish friends are doing

Historically , they have been light years ahead of anything happening for the benefit of carers , either directly or through consultations " One-on-one " , with their Government.

Latest Scheme involving home care announced , with consultations with all and sundry to follow. ... -launched/.

If nothing else , the Irish Government consult with the Irish carers unlike the situation over 'ere where UK carers are simply told to get with caring no matter what price they pay with no way of challenging any decision.

Perhaps our supporting organisations can learn a few things about " Lobbying " from their Irish counterparts ?

Where there is a " Questionable " practice , the Irish Association offer services which may , or may not , be governed by the profit element. Age Concern over 'ere were subject to some severe criticism when offering services many found cheaper elsewhere.

Golden Rule ?

If you are a charity , behave like one !!! If an injection of monies is needed to remain fairly solvent , seek it from your members and not deals with the privare sector through the back door. They come with a price ... a price ultimately paid by the members.

If all else fails , merge ... or simply dissolve and leave the field for someone else to have a go.