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Integrating health and social care? We'll see, Mr Cameron - Carers UK Forum

Integrating health and social care? We'll see, Mr Cameron

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Millions of carers battling the system every day would welcome integration, but many will be sceptical of a breakthrough

The integration of health and social care services, as reportedly ordered by David Cameron, is the holy grail of public policy. More than a nice-to-have, it's an absolute imperative if we are to maintain the 1948 welfare state settlement through the seismic demographic changes we are starting to undergo.

No one understands this better than the six million unpaid carers who every day have to negotiate the maddening demarcation lines between NHS services and social care provision funded – but these days rarely provided – by local councils. To secure and sustain a package of care and support for their spouse, parent, child or neighbour or friend, carers know that invariably they will have to deal with multiple agencies. For most people, their GP is the nearest thing to a one-stop care shop. But rare as hen's teeth is the surgery that offers an on-site gateway to social care services as well as health. The best that many patients or carers can hope to emerge with is a telephone number to call.

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Let's see first if the Department of Health - which is responsible for Health and Social Care - will ever get its two halves to come to joint agreements on anything. Starts at the top in this case.
My boy has no special health care needs. Zero, ziltch, nil, none at all. Strewth, he is probably fitter than most GPs. He has a learning disability, doh!
So, lets give the NHS (and it will be the doctors, they always stitch up any chance to gain more money and power) responsibility for social care. Result? My son will be cast aside, as will anyone who has social care needs but zero medical needs. Whilst the social care budget is raided to give doctors bigger salaries and "merit awards". Hooray.
You're spot on Scally,

Based on my considerable reading on the subject the goal is to make hospitals a place for emergency treatments only, and all those who leave hospital needing care in the community will get rehabilitation services provided for free for six weeks only and will then be means tested.
If instead of paying out billions on think tanks, re-organisations, system changes, you name it and not just health and social care, but education and anything else, they actually asked the people who use or deliver, they might have a chance of actually getting it right.
As it is we have elitist groups talking to elitist groups, spending/wasting money on research which anyone actually involved in the doing could have told them for nothing!

And then we might actually get somewhere.