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Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
The Government are proposing to introduce a new system of payments for social services, on the same lines of direct payments and individual budgets, so that people are able to chose their own services such as day care, leisure and housing. Tell us what you think.

We'll be producing a briefing about this showing how this'll affect carers - you can read our press release on the announcement - ... 1197296796

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We'll be producing a briefing on this topic - showing what the issues are for carers, and we'll report your views.
in principle in favour, but marked down undecided. As we don't know all the pro's and con's to it. Till we are told exatly whats involved its hard to say. I suspect it will work for some and work well, but there will also be losers will this be defined by postcode, how good the social work that sets it up or any other variable time will tell.

Undecided, Image but in favour in principle. Image
It sounds ok in principal, but as 520 million over 3 years??? as usual vastly underfunded.
Individual payments/Direct Payments are NOT a "one size fits all." They do not work in certain circumstances and should remain only as one option, rather than the only one.

There are too many instances of carers having to "choose" direct payments because the local policy is that you can only access more expensive services if you use direct payments. This is not a choice - it's blackmail.