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independant living fund (ILF)

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well done everybody on campaigning re the Mobility Allowance and the success with that.

Now can we all look at the proposed abolition of the ILF.

Just to fill you in re this benefit. ILF is paid to approx.21,000 people in the country. it is a benefit that people who received the higher level of DLA could access. They have already stopped anybody new accessing this fund, and are taking it away from those that already receive it at the end of this parliament. This money is given to enable people to live independently, and is used to pay for any extra needs that other payments (ie DP) just does not cover. People were encouraged to access this money, so when it is taken away i can foresee that they will just not have enough money to live independantly so will have to look to care homes to live, thus costing government far more money.

This ILF money is very carefully monitered on how it is spent, so no, its not funding to go out on the town every saturday night, but for life's essentials for these people.

I was able to put a question to Maria Miller at Carers UK agm regarding the ILF, but like all politicians she did not give me a straight answer.

It will be devastating for these people to have their ILF taken away from them, like pulling a rug from under their feet, leaving them vunerable and bewildered.

Can i ask Carers UKs help with campainging on this planned withdrawal of ILF. thank you.
just to say, if anybody has any ideas how to increase the awareness of this withdrawal of ILF, please share them. thanks.
sorry, but i keep thinking of things i feel i should have said in the first post.

these people that receive ILF have to be on the highest band of DLA, so it follows that they are amongst the most severely disabled people in the country. however, it does not follow that they should not have the opportunity to live independently in their own homes, which is what the money has to be used for.

take the ILF away, and you take their independance away. this cannot be right.
The opposition to the abolition of the ILF does seem to have been forgotten as opposition to the Welfare Reform Bill appears to have taken precedence, perhaps because it effects so many more people and will be implemented earlier?

I agree with all you say, Pam, the loss of the ILF is going to have a devastating effect on those in receipt of it and on their families, it is paid to the most severely disabled, those whom this government insist that they are protecting, and has given them a degree of independence, choice, the opportunity to live independently and, for some, the support which they need to work which would not otherwise be possible.

Maybe a reminder to the Disability Benefits Consortium because although the ILF is not a benefit its purpose is the much the same as the purpose of DLA, to enable people to live independent, socially integrated lives.
Part of the problem is the way it's been handled by the government. The announcement was made and that was it. "We're considering how to..." - and of course, at least a year on, not a word. It's been forgotten, or buried until a convenient time.

My son uses ILF as a part of his package and its loss would leave an impossible hole to fill.
likewise Charles. have you any ideas how we can start a campaign or get involved with a campaign that maybe is already underway.
i just feel useless sitting back and doing nothing.
They have been discussing this in parliament so hope this is of some interest. I would also recommend doing a search to see if anything else comes up!

http://www.theyworkforyou.com/wrans/?id ... fund#g90.6
My son is being denied independent living now because the SW dept claim there is no funding and when I said that he has a right to independent living the Social Worker said that no he doesn't. Even the old folk's home is off the menu now - its us or nothing. They want to send people in for the odd half hour throughout the day but he needs 24/7 care. The SW asked us when exactly does he choke or is likely to choke - I mean is that for real? I even mentioned the fact that both my husband and I have collapsed in the past and that there is no backup emergency plan in place. He said if there is an emergency it will be coped with then but that does not give us any reassurance or peace of mind does it?

Get the social worker to put what they've told you in writing, Eun.

I'd be very surprised if they do - it's a stick to beat them with.
My son also relies heavily on the ILF for his care package.
Wrote to my MP (David Lammy) about the loss of this fund earlier in the year. Needless to say, I heard nothing from him : Image. Also sent it to Maria Miller and David Cameron.....obviously no replies from them! My daughter got quite a little campaign going and a number of her friends also emailed their MP's - no replies, nothing.