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Identifying Family Carers : A Priority Or A Victim Of Necessity ? - Carers UK Forum

Identifying Family Carers : A Priority Or A Victim Of Necessity ?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Interesting thought given the numerous ramifications.

From our viewpoint , around 1 in 10 of carers ( 6 million+ last census ) are " Known " , the remaining 9 in 10 hidden. If nothing other than a show of solidarity , we would agree that effects be prioritised to identify as many more carers as possible.

For many , support that we know exists may be completely alien to them. A chance to improve the lives of many carers simply by pointing them in the right direction , even if that means merely shoving a leaflet into their hand.

In due course , many will be seeking services offered by our supporting organisations. In turn , a chance for them to feel less isolated , and eventually join with other carers , something we all enjoy by visiting forum from time to time.

Just how much in non benefit take up by carers is unknown. How many are simply loosing out by not knowning about underlying entitlements ?

On the last figure a staggering £ 13 BILLION in unclaimed benefits across the whole spectrum ... May 2016.

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfr ... ng-welfare

Whilst the above is a brief summary of our position , what is the downside ?

In a nutshell , monies.

The Care Act ... Government's own estimates ... 350,000 .... LAs in financial meltdown without budgeting for carers.

What would happen if the carer numbers were doubled ? Said Act applies to all carers !

Even with the provisions of the Care Act , the LAs are struggling to support known carers letalone an influx of previously unknown ones.

Central Government ?

Just one issue is Carers Allowance. A pittance and hoops to jump through as we all know. Try adding , say , a million new claimants even if only 1 in 3 qualify. That's real money in almost anyone's language. If not Carers Allowance , any other benefits payable ?

Poltically ?

The fear , however remote , of carers ever uniting under whatever banner.

Even worse ?

Carers and carees alike united under one banner .... a mere 13-15 million strong ?

Just a few observations arising out of a couple of other threads worth kicking around.

Perhaps a better question ?

In whose interest is it not by identifying carers ?

Or , a more fundamental one ?

How can anyone anywhere plan a policy for carers when only 1 in 10 are known ?
Sometimes , reading another article , unrelated at first , triggers the mental art of recall ?

A quote from an article in today's online edition of the independent ... unidentified young adults off the radar :
“If we are to prevent them from being consigned to a life of unemployment and poverty, a first move must involve gathering accurate data on which young people are without either a job or an income, so they can then receive appropriate support.

See the similarity with CarerLand ?

Need to identify BEFORE taking steps to provide adequate support ?

Be interesting to see how the forthcoming Carers Strategy pans out.


So simple , cart before the horse , and yet , for 40+ years , totally ignored ... brushed aside by all those with a vested interest in keeping " Carers " as a mere pawn in their system.

Might just as well take a few million notes of the wealth and then , throw them up in the air and let the wind take them ?
Time to get this " Vital " thread back on top.

A couple of recent reports put our numbers at a shade below 8 MILLION.

How they can come up with ANY figure when family carers are virtually invisible is beyond me.

Still , who am I to argue ?

Identifying family carers ... forthcoming GREEN PAPER ... how are the Government to identify priorities even amongst the different caring roles we all have beyond the obvious two ... FINANCES and FREE / AFFORDABLE SUPPORT SERVICES ?

Interlocks with several other threads but THIS IS the bottom line to many of them !

Housing ?

All readers feel secure under their current roof ... even when their caree is the beneficial owner and , so far , no signs of a future care home residency ? ... for now ?

BTL tenants ... 6 / 12 months lease up for renewal shortly ... rent the same ... landlord wanting to sell ?

Carers' Card ?

So obvious ... a Swiss army knife type card ... and yet , we are still waiting for one after a minimum of 20 years.

Time to diarise forward in line with the GREEN PAPER threads.

And , unlike those two evil twin sisters , not for a generation ... or two !