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Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Just a few of my thoughts on the carers plight.

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http://www.compassonline.org.uk/article ... 1#comments
Thanks for bringing this up Tony.I,along with quite a few other carers from different carer groups have been posting on Compass now for about 2 months.There has been roughly 4-5 threads but the link you gave above is the most current one,members be warned tho,in excess of 200 postings so a very lengthy read.

For those who dont know who/what Compass is ( I never ),its a group of people , mainly members of the Labour Party , somewhat disillusioned with New Labour , describing themselves as the progressive Left.

As carers we try as many angles/avenues we can to highlight our circumstances.If this means we go to all the main parties so be it.Conservatives have their online sites for comments as do the Libs.

Some people say we are facing a crisis,many members here will agree with me that we are ALREADY in it.Time is running out quick and we need get that message across to EVERY party.

You're right, Rosemary.

We're in a crisis. But it's going to get worse unless people with the power start to listen.
it will get worse the people with power do listen but they dont respond
if a man was drowning what do you do throw him a lifeline or call 999 and maybe have a chat about it or set up a forum and well talk about it
Sorry George. There's a shortage of lifelines so people will have to provide their own. It's cheaper that way because official lifelines have to be made of a specific type of rope, 3/4 inches across, and not less than 100 feet. Because privately-owned lifelines are not regulated you can get cheaper rope, shorter and not so strong.

Or you can go to a private agency who will provide the regulation stuff but they can charge what they like - and you have to be eligible for being saved from drowning.

The meetings are to decide what the eligibility criteria are. You have to be genuine - really drowning and with no access to artificial aids to keep you afloat.

I wonder if the politicians realise that the above is a joke in poor taste - but that it's what they've done to social care?