For some , training in a fireman's lift or piggybacking may be in order. ... wheelchair

Isn't our NHS marvellous at times ?

" Mourning Squire. Your relative is ready to go home now. No wheelchairs available at the moment. How's your fireman's lift ? Live on the fourth floor ? I'm told that the lift is out of action , again. Local SS will soon sort you out. Waiting lists for assessments are now down to 6 months. Have a nice day ! "

Shortly afterwards , another tick on the column headed Assaults on NHS staff ? A ticker can earn more than a doctor in some NHS Trusts .... ?

Almost as " Comical " as the recent Royal Navy experience with one of their £ Million ships. Almost brand new straight off the slipway ( Without immediately sinking , for once ? ) , unable to take to sea because the electric cables needed for power were not up to the job.

Comical ... but not for the thousands of carers / carees without access to equipment needed to live their lives in some degree of comfort.