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I spoke at the All Party Parliamentary Group for Carers - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

I spoke at the All Party Parliamentary Group for Carers

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
seems to silly to me that if you go & do something to try & help carers.
insted of getting a pat on the back & a well done.
you get ridecaled talked about then thrown of the forum.
for going to try & help carers.
which is what i thought this forum was all about. & if you are going to throw me of the forum as well for having my say do me the deacance of telling me first.
When I was asked to give a 5 minute talk about my caring role I was told that it would remain confidential.
My speech was very personal, I gave great thought to disclosing information about the person that I care for and I did so with his permission conditional upon it being restricted to the speech alone.
Because I am campaigning (as are many other carer groups) I felt it was too good an opportunity not to include details about what other carers face each day and what carers want to change. Wouldn't you have done the same?
Just for the record I have already shared this information on CUK and chill4.

I believe that Christal is speaking about UK carers because I have been deleted from that site today, with no warning and I believe this is only because I gave the speech in Parliament.
My beliefs are that we should all be working together for the benefit of all carers and to raise more awareness about the difficulties of being a carer.
It appears that Clive on UK carers feels that he can do it on his own.
Thank you for your messages of support, I hope I have explained the situation and I will not be posting about this again.
thanks Wendy .
for making things clear for me. Image Image
My speech was very personal, I gave great thought to disclosing information about the person that I care for and I did so with his permission conditional upon it being restricted to the speech alone.
Query: why make it public then?

As far as the APGC goes and it seems the SCC as well, telling them how it is for other Carers, its pearls before swine, it'll make no difference....

...we will still be living in poverty with no recognition this time next year and for as many years thereafter as long as you allow this apathy to rule.

The simple but great question that Lenin asked many years ago applies now to what we and any other charities/groups must address ourselves to: "What Is To Be Done?".

Unless Carers get proper recognition within the next 12 months, rest assured, they will NEVER gain that status and will NEVER ever be able to say that theirs is a properly recognised profession.

We will forever be condemned to being "poor things that need help to get proper work" by the government and all major political parties come to that unless we are prepared to stand up and be counted.

Its up to you, adopt the "wait and see" attitude and you will still be "waiting to see" in years to come, or adopt the "make them listen" attitude and get what you want now.


I've been a carer a lot longer than most, and on many occasions I've thought of withdrawing my services-especially the past few years when I've been up to my neck at the rough end of care.

I agree with you that some form of strike action is probably the only way to make anybody listen--but--how many carers would do it?. Yes it would get us the publicity because something like that would get the media interested-but it would also lose us any public sympathy we may have and we do NEED public sympathy and support to get anything.

We all have to keep plugging away in our own way, and I'm sure all the back biting and the ridiculing of peoples efforts can only harm the cause.
We all want the same end result and we need to be seen to be all trying to achieve that end result and not attacking other carers who don't do things "our way". The hope I carry is that people are trying in any way they can and not sitting back waiting for others to do it for them- but when they get attacked for doing it they are more likely to stop trying. If this is what you want because you want things doing "your way" you will be disappointed, because your way would hurt the people they care for and if they were willing to risk that -they would not have bercome carers in the first place.

Ken, there is no sympathy in the media. Its interesting that your own interpretation of "make them listen" is to go on strike, which shows its whats on peoples minds.

Really what it comes down to is, are we bottlers or are we not?

At the moment it looks like CUK and other charities are all firmly in bed with Gordon Brown and his team of "bottlers".

They should be very happy together.

Ian, the All-Party Parliamentary Group is about 2 years old now, I think?

It took the equivalent group for autism about 5 years to achieve anything solid, but you will notice that - in the Government's Education website - there are many references to autism and their "Every Child Matters" information for local authorities gives specific examples of how they can support families with an autistic child. This all came from the Parliamentary Group's pressure.

It's about winning the "hearts and minds" of MP's and educating them. The fact that some of these MP's whom you believe don't care are actually carers or former carers themselves helps us - if we use our heads.

Striking or not striking is nothing to do with "bottling": it is about personal choice - and most carers, as we have already seen when this has come up on the forum, choose not to strike. If you want to talk about "bottle", then all credit to Wendy who had the bottle to talk to an audience about her experiences and what carers need. You and Clive and others have often talked about carers representing carers: Wendy did just that. Shame that Clive seems to have seen fit to dump her off his forum, apparently for doing something he claims to want to happen. Maybe you're asking the wrong person the wrong question?

Wendy has given of her personal experiences to that group to inform them of the realities of caring: she doesn't need to tell us because we already know. Very few of us on this site go into great detail about our caring life, and it is a personal choice we should respect, don't you think?
I have not been online all weekend and was really shocked to read this thread today. Knowing myself how difficult it is to give a speech to such a large audience, I'm so annoyed that you can make another Carer feel that what she has done has not been worthwhile given the amount of time that goes into something like this emotionally!

When Wendy was asked to do this speech she didn't shut it from the roof tops. Given that she wasn't sure that her health would allow her to and that she was quite nervous as any of us can understand it takes a huge amount of courage to stand up in front of a huge audience and tell your story that as Charles said is personal, but she did and she did it for ALL our benefit, whether it helps or not, she should be applauded for trying given that her health is not great and the amount of time it took for her to plan her speech, I'm saddened to say that this negative feedback is from other Carers who should know better.

I know that this has upset Wendy and I would like to ask those who have created this to think as a Carer and try to be respectful of others feelings!
marryann im with you even though im not very good at saying what i mean.
you said it very well.
when some one trys to help thank them. shake there hand pat them on the back.
but dont ridecall them for trying to help us.
Christal xx
Wendy or anyone for that matter should be thanked for their effort in raising the issues that carers face on a day to day basis,i just do not understand why other carers would want to put other carers down for making a attempt on raising our concerns with anyone.
Well done again wendy.

Tonyxx Image