I spoke at the All Party Parliamentary Group for Carers

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Well done wendy,glad it all went well.

Look forward to reading more about it.

Well done Wendy, you have done us all proud.

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When I asked our MP to make a written request to find out what this all party group are actually doing his reply was effectively "not a lot"...

It seems very coincidental that the chair of the Standing Commission, Phillipa Russell, was also there at this groups meeting.

My challenge still stands, that Carers Allowance will not have risen by more than the RPI by 1st October 2008, despite all the efforts of these commissions, groups, summits and any amount of 'gooders trading on the back of it.

I can further say that the increases in availability and amount of Direct Payments to Carers next year will not amount to much more than an average of about £50 per week for most Carers. Don't forget that the rest of the details of the health budget are yet to be released.

I am sorry Wendy, but I think they have you fooled as well...

To steal a phrase from John Bird (the editor of Big Issue, who I actually dislike) its the "Christmas Tree" effect, all these peeps and orgs and the good and the glorious doing all such nice things, but all to no avail.

Like the light and baubles on a Christmas Tree, it all looks very nice ooh ahh, but it does not do anything and it all costs money and after the day, will get chucked in the loft for another year...

Fooled, what do you mean Ian, would you like to explain?
I went with no expectations just doing my bit for all of us.
I did not expect a miracle on my own, we all have to do our bit to get any progress.
The details about me going were put on chill4 on 10th October so nothing was hidden. I did not shout about it too much, in case my health prevented me from going and I did not want to appear to show off.
I did it for the benefit of carers, my small effort.
They do a good imitation of people who care and listen...if you believe they do either then you were fooled...

I did it for the benefit of carers, my small effort.
Exactly Wendy, not everyone would have the bottle to stand up and give a speech (me included!), as I said before you did us proud girl!

Paula xx
Lets list the achievements of the APG for Carers:-


thats adds up to one big fat zero.....

...I would not waste my breathe....

...even if they paid me!

once again wendy, can i say well done you.

yes, we all have to do our bit. i belive this chipping away, bit by bit, will indeed get the results we all so badly need.

this living in isolation and poverty that most of us do, can get very frustrating at times, as we all know.

thank you wendy.

pam x
Wendy is to be comended for going and doing her speach and not condemned as seems to be the case. No man is an island, and we must all work together if we like it or not the CUK & PRTC are the governments Carer representatives and its through them that the officiall channels to the government are. If we like it or not thats the way things are if we want a change, we have to show solidarity and not splits, all this bickering and petty infighting benefits nobody,in the short term or long term. We need to work together, until there is a realistic alternative we have to piss with what have got. We have no alternative.

However I still don't understand why all the speach was not published?, after all you stand up and address the APC and then refrain to keeping some of the speach private.