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I.D.S. welfare reform good news for carers ?? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

I.D.S. welfare reform good news for carers ??

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nah you are once again attacking me ..would you have ever mentioned war pensions had i not been the one to post ....
nah you are once again attacking me ..would you have ever mentioned war pensions had i not been the one to post ....
You will note, George, that I also mentioned AA and those over 65 currently in receipt of DLA, i.e. all those unaffected by the government's welfare reform, if you have a problem with me either use the facility to block members' posts or take it to Matt.
Can we please refrain from making personal comments on members and stay with the topic, thank you.
Just to back Myrtle up...if anyone has a problem with what has been posted they should not inflame matters but take it up with the moderators and/or Matt. At the top of each post is an exclamation mark in an inverted triangle: if you hover your mouse over it, it will flash up "report this post." Click on it and you will have a number of options to choose from and the opportunity to add notes. This is then flagged up to moderators and Matt to deal with.

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At the CSJ we found that half of all children born today will experience family breakdown by the age of 16.
Thats really good news George. Thanks to the welfare state, parental relationships are lasting much longer than in the Victorian Era, allowing far more children to grow up in a stable family. Because only 100 years ago, the average marriage lasted just 13 years, due to appalling poverty and the lack of an NHS, public housing and social services. In those days, it was ended by premature death, and venereal disease was rampant and largely untreated, spread by massive levels of uncontrolled child prostitution. Life expectancy is improving at an exponential rate, many of us will live to reach 90 or even 100 years!!! How things change, and improve, its a real marvel, isnt it? We can only hope that things continue to improve at this amazing rate.....
Cameron on sick and disabled benefit claimants:
We’ve got to get some sense back into our labour market and get British people back into work. For years you’ve been conned by governments. To keep the unemployment figures down, they’ve parked as many people as possible on the sick. Two and a half million, to be exact. Not officially unemployed, but claiming welfare, no questions asked. Now we’re asking those questions. It turns out that of the 1.3 million people who have put in a claim for the new sickness benefit in recent years. One million are either able to work, or stopped their claim before their medical assessment had been completed.

Under Labour they got something for nothing. With us they’ll only get something, if they give something. If they are prepared to work, we’re going to help them – and I mean really help them. If you’ve been out of work and on benefits for five years, a quick session down the job centre and a new CV just isn’t going to cut it. You need to get your self-esteem and confidence back; you need training and skills; intensive personal support.

Previous governments were never willing to make a proper commitment to this, but we have – investing now, so we don’t pay later. We’re going to spend up to £14,000 on some people just to get them trained and back into work. Yes, I know that’s a lot of money – but it’s worth it. Let it be us, let it be this government that finally builds an economy where no one is left behind.
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politic ... -full.html

Grayling, Miller, IDS and now Cameron have concentrated on the sick and disabled in this conference, they have repeatedly been portrayed as being at the heart of the something for nothing culture, of the problem of welfare dependency, Miller actually stated in her conference speech, in order to justify the reform of DLA, that £900 million was lost to DLA claimants who no longer satisfied the criteria whereas only £130 million was unclaimed, where she got her figures from is a mystery, all of which suggests that too many working-age people are claiming money to which they are not entitled on the basis of ill health, that they are simply workshy scroungers.

So is IDS' welfare reform good news for carers? Hardly, we have already seen the problems which sick and disabled people and their carers are experiencing when claiming ESA, a benefit which uses an assessment process which is recognised to be flawed but which is still being rolled out to existing IB claimants; the Independent Living Fund is being abolished; the Access to Work budget has been cut and the proposed replacement for DLA is intended to reduce the number of disabled people with entitlement and save money. Added to which there are proposed changes which will effect young disabled people making their first claim, the end of contribution-based ESA after 12 months and a plethora of less well publicised proposals which will impact on individuals and their carers, including the loss of SDP and EDP for disabled single parents which will impact on child carers. Then we have changes to HB for social housing tenants and reductions in LHA along with the proposal to allow local authorities to set their own criteria for entitlement to CTB and achieve reductions in expenditure and the hiving off of parts of the Social Fund also to local authorities and not forgetting basing annual benefit upratings on the CPI rather than the RPI which will reduce annual increases at a time when prices of necessities are increasing. And the language which is being used to justify these reforms is increasing resentment of sick and disabled claimants within their communities with higher levels of disability-related harassment being reported. I would say that this government's proposed reform of welfare is bad news for the carers of working-age sick and disabled people.
H.B. & C.T.B. war widows and war disabled and i also believe those who have a forces pension ( long service pension) can have the whole of their war related pensions disregarded that is if the council / local authority decide to do so . i am not 100% sure but i believe the "legal" amount of disregard is just the first £20 / £30 of war related benefits .. it has been reported that many councils may remove the full disregard from war widows/war disabled and those with a forces pension , they are also looking at the carers discount of 25%(unless the carer lives with the caree??)... if they did remove the full disregard we would be some £320 per month worse off ..but we are all in it together aint we ..thank god my last private pension is available to me next MAY even with the loss of the £320 will still be better off ...CAMERON said pensioners were £10-000 better off since the coalition now raised pensions in line with wages ....err is that £10-000 per year or over a lifetime ..if it is over a year he owes us £200 per week back dated for one year .....
£320 would be a lot of money to lose each month, but it may be that you are entitled to means tested council tax rebate then,if your income is low enough.
I talked to a 50 year old unemployed man yesterday. He would like to work. He lives very simply, almost monastically, alone in his small flat in a tower block for which he pays full rent, no housing benefit: he is eating into his savings (a small legacy from his parents) week by week. He receives minimal income support and middle rate DLA; he suffers from epilepsy and has taken several falls, so employers are reluctant to employ him in his former manual job. He would like to work, but will need extensive retraining, but he has no car or drivers license, and in this area, you really do need a car to get to work as most work that is available for low-skilled people like him is shift work and in outlying industrial estates. Taxis would be too expensive.

If the Tories can get him back to paid work I will eat my hat.
Holyrood alliance urged in opposition to Coalition welfare cuts

[quote]An SNP-Labour-Green alliance is needed to challenge the most damaging aspects of the Westminster coalition government's welfare changes, say Scottish Greens.

In today's Holyrood welfare debate (5 October 2011), the Greens are backing a Labour amendment calling for the Parliament to consider rejecting the legislative consent motion on the Welfare Reform Bill, in what would be a constitutionally unprecedented move.

Patrick Harvie MSP commented]

see in full here