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How much should carers be paid? - Carers UK Forum

How much should carers be paid?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
So - with all the reported campaigns and the protest coming up how much should carers actually be paid?

Whenever there is mention of carers needing more money there never seems to be any mention of an actual figure.

So how much should carers be paid - we all know minimum wage would just be an insult in return for what most of us do!
I doubt we will ever get minimum wage - I wish we would but I don't see it happening more's the pity. Image Image
Whatever the figure may be, it should be totally disregarded when calculating other benefits & entitlements just as currently happens with DLA & A.A.

What do others think? Image
marie x
CARERS ALLOWANCE should be paid to anyone who is a full time carer by that i mean someone who does work for the minimum of 35 hours per week and is available 24/7 i sometimes think a paid carer should "live in" but that`s another argument, the carers allowance should be paid as i`ve said to all regardless of savings or state retirement or occupational pension after all we are being paid for the WORK we do and should not be balanced out by our own financial situation i would suggest that the allowance should be the same as the state retirement pension ( with the credit ) i aint to sure but it may be about £120 per week that i am sure would be as Gordon Borwn would say "fair for all and not just for the few but will help the many"
at the moment we have some 750-000 on carers allowance to double the allowance would cost about 1 billion £`s ( IIAN Duncan Smiths figures) .
many others will also be classed as carers after all we have some 6 million they also should receive help and support but from what i have seen the working carers tend to want support in the form of day care / day centers and more respite care that will allow them to carry on working...

What really gets me going is the fact that we dont even ask for minimum wage we would be happy with the allowance being doubled surely they can afford that ..

IN 2018 the government have said all carers should be out of poverty, well what is poverty - it is about £130 per week for someone to survive on but if carers have state pension/ private pension we will be out of poverty anyway so the carers allowance for those of us with private or state pensions will be pointless all this talk about poverty is a red herring we as we have all said time after time should be paid for the work we do simple as that ....
Nothing. Zero. Zilch.
Caring is a personal choice, a hobby, a labour of love, no more, no less. It is not a job, and we should not blur the edges by introducing remuneration.

But all citizens of any age should be entitled to a decent tax-free citizens wage/pension of at least £150 pw, without quibbles or conditions and regardless of circumstances. And people with disabilities (or their carers on their behalf if they are incapable) should receive a direct payment graduated according to assessed need - again without narrow conditions or preconditions - to be spent on purchasing relevant supports.

I would abolish DLA, CA, and AA, as well as the plethora of similar disability related benefits, there are far too many overlaps and black holes.

I am a carer. I am not a care-worker.
But we all know that individual assessments are not always fairly conducted! This is seen in the numbers of people who have to appeal refusals of disability benefits - and win!

Assessments would see people who need more receiving less because they :
1) Don't tick the right boxes for policies written by idiots.
2) Have faces that don't fit.
3) Have complained about previous problems.
4) Have stood up for their rights or the rights of the person they care for.
5) Don't fall into the right categories for current targets.
6) Have a need that has no think tank prediction regarding how much funding will be needed.
7) Don't have friends or relatives working in the right department.
8 ) Cannot get an accurate medical report because their doc is too thick to understand their needs - eg - on explaining something (can't remember what!) about daughter and NG tube the gp replied - 'but she does drink doesn't she' - now as gp had not seen daughter without the NG tube for over 20 years what EXACTLY did she think it was for? !!!!!!!!! Image Image Image Image Image Then there was the other gp - I stated that daughter was still coughing and choking - his immediate response was - 'they don't cough do they' - ye gods who let these idiots out of the nursery!!!!!!!!!!!!! Image Image Image Image Image Image
9) All the funding for that postcode has been spent on painting the office and employing a second cousin of the cleaner to water the plants in the town hall exec loos.
10) Etc. etc.

Removing DLA to fund carers is not really an option - the dis rights groups would chew you up and spit you out!

Carers deserve a decent level of income - much higher than minimum wage - that fairly pays them for the work they do.

Caring is a choice but it can be damned hard work and the current pittance is an insult .

so let's have some serious suggestions for fair amounts - related to the level of work done and the hours worked.

(EDITED - Image removed and 8 ) replaced)
I've just suggested we triple the income that carers receive with no conditions, thereby bringing more than 80% of carers into the equation who currently receive no benefit due to the restrictive rules, and you are still unhappy? Child allowance is worth only £20 and anyone with a baby or toddler, or even a teenager - knows how much work and expense they can be.
So, what are you suggesting?
Child allowance isn't payment for work - it was changed from family allowance and paid to the mother to help ensure it was spent on things the child needs - apparently too many men were spending it in the pub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

What I want is a fair finacial package for carers - and £150 a week ain't it!
Boggle, Excalibur - I've just posted elsewhere on the subject but I'll do it here. By all means disagree if you must but don't turn it into something personal.

Excalibur - your example is interesting but for some would replace £150 with £150, as far as I can see at this point - there are carers out there with DLA in their own right.

Boggle - if £150 is not good enough what do you consider to be "realistic"?
It would be nice to be having this discussion because there was an offer on the table but anyway most carers would not want to be lumped in with the unemployed and would like recognition of their "working" role.
I receiver CA, IS, and HB. Add it all together and I receive just over £200. Using this web Calculator http://listentotaxman.com/. It works out that I would have to earn £250 per week to take home the same amount.

£7.14 per hour for a 35 hour working week.
+ free prescriptions

I know it's not that simple, I've worked it out for my income only and used the minimum 35 hour's required for CA.

So am I any worse off then some one working on a low income? No I earn more then minimum wage on the above figures.

You have to remember lots of people work full time and look after children and family. They get tired just like we do. Have very little free time for themselves and work just as hard.