How is Social Care given abroad?

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Just wondering with our care system creaking at the seems over here how other countries handle Social Care. Are Care homes/care in the community funded by the state via some kind of national insurance, do families fulfil the needs due to different cultures, do people have private isurance?
Which countries offer the best system?
Very interesting question and , despite Google , very difficult to answer.

I can recall a similiar question during CarerWatch days. I'll drop in on the old Archives to see if that turns up anything worthy of being posted as an answer ... even if a few years ago.

It seems that there is an EEC Network that coordinates data , and makes recommendations.

Beyond that , it seems to be case of every nation for itself.

Separate / whole / insured / free / means tested / impending changes / how run and from what level ..... would be interesting to find out.

Without researching further , I would expect to find the " Religious " element as a factor when comparing systems in the north to those in the south.

If economic data is required .... for example ... amount spent as a % of GDP ... I'll do some research.

Even with that data , it doesn't automatically follow that the nation with the biggest % expenditure also provides the best service.

What would be difficult to track down would be the actual users take on the services being delivery , nation by nation.

Perhaps a slight deviation as to carers and how defined in other EEC countries a proposition ?

That might be revealing ... Carers UK are part of an EEC Network ... perhaps someone from the Voice could assist with the answer to that one if so required ?

There is an European association ... EuroCarers ... I will post the direct link and read later : ... artners---

At first glance , appears to be for supporting organisations and professionals only ... no surprise there if carers themselves are excluded ?

EEC wide ..... 50 million or so carers by our definition ?

Our Irish neighbours tend to be in the vanguard as occasionly posted on several forums over the past decade. Be interesting to see how others fare in that area , arms length or actually party to the decision / policy making process.

How different carer organisations are structured ? Charities / pressure groups / collectives ... top down / bottom up ... how funded ... democratic or autocratic ... members as % of known carers ... Government representative on board ... just a few facts that many would like to know ?

Where in the league table would we appear if measured on " Terms and conditions " even if that phrase does not compute in CarerLand ?

Would be ironic if I discovered an EEC confederation of independent carer run groups .... music to my ears in CarerWatch days but now ? Would they accepted individual carers ? Even as a refugee ?

From our viewpoint as carers and for our carees , that would make essential reading.
My friend in Perth, Western Australia, a former hospital Matron, cared for her elderly mum, also an ex Matron. Leonora came to stay with me for a few weeks, so I asked what had happened to mum, who usually lived with her and her husband. She said that she had six weeks guaranteed respite every year, arranged by the State as a right. I'm sure she said that groups of ladies would all book into the respite at the same time to see each other. How different from here! I often feel that more relatives would care for their elderly if they knew this service was available. Here, our "cottage" hospitals used to do regular respite, but most of them have closed now.
I asked this same question some months ago after reading a novel where in India the aged dementia Gran was kept chained up in the day. It was a novel I hasten to add, but it did get me thinking.

At the moment I'm voting for Australia!

Aussie system for respite care and eligibility ... as mention as been made : ... er-support

Links at the top will take you to other areas.

Irish carers ? Seems a different system but worth exploring in comparison :

Again , links off the top section to other areas.

Canadian caregivers ? Slightly more complicated as it depends on which province.

A general guide from the Money Sense Canadian site : ... t-a-break/

European ones difficult to pin down as the term " Respite Care " may be called somrthing else.

Finally , a Canadian Carers group which , at face value , mirrors our own Voice. Recommend starting with ABOUT US and then STRUCTURE as a starting point :

Note message on front page , and from whom .... I haven't read it , yet !

At last , an European one of sorts ... British Legion guide to ex pats in Spain 2009 ... a.PDF document : ... report.pdf
I still have not 100% decided whether to stay in the UK or go back to Germany, and consequently I have kept up my German health insurance, at great expense. In addition, I pay a monthly sum to long-term-care insurance and have been doing this for years. It is money I can't get refunded and can't use in the UK. If I went back to Germany and kept it up, and were in need of care, I would be classified as Level 1, 2 or 3. It would, from what I hear, be a tough test and I might be entitled to some very low level of care. I think the situation I would be in would be somewhat comparable to that in the UK, as cutbacks are being made everywhere and the population of Germany has a bigger aging problem that the UK one, minimum birthrate etc. - that is why this insurance has existed since 1995.

You can see it in Wikipedia ... in_Germany

It may be that Wikipedia will help with information on the situation in other countries too.
MrsAverage wrote:I asked this same question some months ago after reading a novel where in India the aged dementia Gran was kept chained up in the day. It was a novel I hasten to add, but it did get me thinking.

At the moment I'm voting for Australia!

I always wondered why my bro moved to Aussie...about 5 years ago...Mind you he won't need the system anytime soon....He's a pilot with quite a few businesses.Lucky him...We have different views on life...his are through 'rose-coloured spectacles' ...Hate to say it but he's done alright for himself and fam...but he has little understanding of life or 'circumstances'... His problem really. :lol:
Hello & Happy Easter.OK I can tell you all that there is No Welfare system in the EUROPEAN. We have a close friend in Athens & she works in the bank of Cyprus, & has two boys the oldest is 13 soon.Her parents are Disabled,& this poor Friend has No help with her Mother who had a major stroke is wheelchair bound her husband too has diabetes, & struggles with his wife on a daily basis. This Friend isn't allowed to take a proper holiday at all.let alone time off.They could easily loose there jobs.In the long school holidays these young boys have look after them selves,as mý friends can't afford childcare.So I guess we all need to prepare our Family's more for the result is The NHS & Our welfare system will go down the pan.It's terrifying. Regards Amanda h
19 pages from Chapter 4 ... 10 pages worth of figures / tables in the appendix.

Only one drawback ... 2011 ... and a lot of data / figures quoted are from even earlier.

When comparing the different sysems , many may have been changed in line with austerity measures taken in many countries ... the UK ones well known to us all.

Main issues covered , and interlocking with others :

Carers Allowance - level / eligibilty / tax relief / tax credits /

Direct Payments - how administered / level / eligibilty / tax relief / tax credits

Identifying carers - problems / priorities / policies / success

Carers and working - policies / incentitives / tax relif / tax credits / rights / time off

Carers by definition - Belgium Carers Act ( ? ) / other countries policies / measures

Support for carers - cost / level / respite care / how administered / eligibilty / tax relief / tax credits

There's more but the above should keep you quite for a couple of hours.

Interesting to confirm how they all interlock , even country by country.