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Housing : Social Tenants / BTL & HB Problems / Shortages / Grenfell Tower Fallout - Page 32 - Carers UK Forum

Housing : Social Tenants / BTL & HB Problems / Shortages / Grenfell Tower Fallout

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Number of families in overcrowded private-rented housing more than doubles in 10 years, figures show.

Shortage of affordable housing forcing families into homes that are too small for them, campaigners warn.

The number of households living in overcrowded private-rented housing has more than doubled in the past decade, new figures show.

Government data reveals 283,000 households who rent privately are living in overcrowded conditions, an increase of 95 per cent in the last ten years and up by 9 per cent – or 22,000 households – in the last year alone.

Campaigners said it highlighted how the shortage of affordable housing was forcing families into homes that were too small for them because they were unable to afford to rent anywhere bigger.

More than 4.5 million households rent their home from a private landlord, which works out as just over 11 million people – a rise of 48 per cent (1.49 million households) over the last ten years, the figures show.

One in four families with children in England now rent privately – 84 per cent more than ten years ago – while private renters spend an average of 40 per cent of their income on rent – more than any other tenure.

The number of younger home-owners has meanwhile fallen dramatically since 2010, with over 800,000 fewer households under 45 now owning their own home.

Shadow housing secretary John Healey said ministers had failed to build the council and social homes needed or give renters the rights they deserve.

“The dreadful plight of private renters stuck in overcrowded homes has ballooned over the last decade. At the same time Conservative ministers have made deep cuts to funding for new council and social homes which could provide a way out for renters stuck in unsuitable housing," he added.

It comes as a growing number of families are falling homeless in England, with a household now found to be without a home every four minutes – which charities blame largely on a lack of affordable homes and “cripplingly expensive” private rents.

Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, said: “As the supply of new social homes grinds to a halt, we’ve seen an explosion in the number of people living in overcrowded private rentals.

“More and more families are crammed like sardines into homes that are too small for them because they can’t afford to rent anywhere bigger.

“The odds are stacked against struggling families. What this country desperately needs is an alternative to private renting, which is why Shelter is urging the government to build a new generation of genuinely affordable social homes."
Families facing homelessness or paying millions in Grenfell cladding scandal

EXCLUSIVE : An estimated 550,000 people in the UK are living in around 1,600 unsafe buildings, the Association of Residential Managing Agents and the Government has claimed

https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/f ... s-21663542
Protection for tenants against possible eviction notices is NOT what it seems !

While the Bill ensures tenants can't be physically removed from their property for the next three months, landlords will still be able to serve them notice to kick them out once the three month period ends.

Government accused of backtracking on its promise to protect renters from eviction as coronavirus crisis deepens.

Government has banned evictions for three months for those unable to work.

Landlords will still be able to serve eviction notices during this time.

Some have reported tenants are already struggling to pay their rent.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/bills ... break.html

Home evictions rising in Covid-19 crisis, warns Labour.

Shadow minister calls for extra ‘housing safety net’ and tenancy guarantees for renters.

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/ ... -secretary

SHELTER ... another supporting organization facing meltdown shortly ?
Less we forget ... Grenfell Tower / cladding :

Grenfell cladding not the only type to burn easily, tests show.

The owners of tall buildings face pressure to continue removing dangerous cladding, despite coronavirus, after a new fire test showed how quickly flames can spread.

Cladding previously deemed safer than that used at Grenfell Tower burned almost as rapidly as the aluminium and plastic panels blamed for the disaster.

These high pressure laminate panels are common in the UK.

However, the government has only recently agreed to fund their removal.

Ministers had suggested taking down this type of cladding was less of a priority than removing the aluminium and plastic type, known as aluminium composite material, or ACM.

Coronavirus : Renters ‘more at risk from economic downturn.’

Renters are likely to be hit harder than homeowners from an economic downturn during the coronavirus crisis, a think tank has warned.

The Resolution Foundation said homeowners were “relatively well protected” compared to previous slumps.

But renters were more likely to work in affected industries and spend more of their income on housing, it added.

The government said it was taking "unprecedented action" to protect people during the virus outbreak.

We felt the financial impact immediately’: UK renters hit by coronavirus crisis

Member of one household in Lancaster says being part of tenants union has helped

Millions having to choose between paying rent or eating, research suggests.

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/ ... rus-crisis

Eat / heat / roof ... that Unholy Trinity again ?

Once the lockdown ceases , the b.t.l. sector will be like a bear pit !!!
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