At first glance , nothing to do with carers but : ... ss-tourism

Take this a little further,

Guided tours by carers for all professionals wanting to know what life for a carer is really like ? Said tour should be a minimum of one month so that they will leave with , at least , the basics ?

Numerous challenges issued over the years , even to an Advisor to a Labour Minister once ... no takers !

Try a guided tour of London , from one side of London to the other , using public transport being given by a disabled wheelchair user ?

If professionals are going to continue to dictate to carers and carees alike what they consider to be our priorities , should guided tours of this nature beforehand be made compulsory ?

Policy advisor ? Must have a registered stint on a carer or caree tour on your cv , and be passed " At least there's some indication of intelligence in there " fit for active duty.

Worksop a good choice ? After a couple of days 'ere in the downtown part , next stop Australia / Canada / New Zealand .... so long as it's far away .... perhaps ?

We even give out a free gift at the end of the tour. One of our pet zombies , plenty to choose from. Just needs to be fed on anything that looks illegal.

Makes an ideal present for the mother-in-law at Christmas !

Professionals and those within our supporting organisation have a lot to learn from both carers and carees.

The same cannot be said for the reverse of that observation.

It is the case that we need to teach them first. Trouble is , they don't want to listen in the first place. After all , aren't they paid professionals ... to tell US what to do ?

Something not quite right here ?

Food for thought ?