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Home inspector in bribery arrest - Carers UK Forum

Home inspector in bribery arrest

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A former care home inspector has been arrested over allegations that she pressured homes into giving money in exchange for "favourable" reports.

The woman, who used to work for the Care Quality Commission (CQC), was arrested on suspicion of bribery and money laundering.

The CQC said it sacked her after an investigation and had informed the police.

It said the woman had failed the organisation and people in care.
Interesting story - and of course it fuels the fires under the CQC.
Not really shocked - there are bad apples in every barrel. I wonder how long the investigation into her wrongdoing took and if she was suspended in the meantime?
probably the tip of the iceberg.
When I worked in residential care there were two visits a year by the care commission. One was preplanned, the other a surprise.

On the planned visit lunch was laid on so the two inspectors could share their meal with the residents who wanted to just chat about life in the home but not be interviewed in the office. On the surprise visit, although lunch was offered it was always declined, even though there was always plenty of food as the inspectors didn`t want to appear to being bribed. I always thought this was going one step too far, but maybe they were playing exactly to the rules.

Take care
In one of the homes my son was in, on one occasion the manager arranged a day trip for the residents on the day of the visit. On another occasion the visit was made during Easter week when the residents were mainly at home with their parents! One inspector was appalled about the way my sons personal spending money was being handled. She told the manager to pull her socks up, then soon after left for another CQC job. When I asked the next inspector what she was going to do, I was told she had "other priorities"!