History Repeating Itself ?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
1626 : Dutch explorer , Peter Minuit , bought ManHattan island for a legendary USD 24 ( GBP 19 ) in trinkets and trade goods ... probable cost to him of USD 10 max ... from the local natives.

Throughout the property world , usually voted number one as THE deal of all time.

Value now ? GBP 1 TRILLION or more.

2017 : the Government , in exchange for what is worth little more than trinkets and trade goods , saves GBP 132 Billion , from the use of carers to prop up the social care system.

In Government terms , automatically voted number one for saving taxpayers money.

In pure monetary terms , the natives in North America got the worst deal.

However , they were free to resettle virtually anywhere with a whole continent to choose from.

Carers ? Not as bad a deal but , provided they continued to care until they dropped , worse off than those natives ?

Servitude was not part of the deal offered to the natives ? Not so much to our carees but to the System itself.

And , only 1 in around 12 carers receive little more than trinkets and trade goods in monetary value in exchange. As for the rest , some 5.5 million or so .....

There is a similarity between property and human beings ... both are for sale , many of our fellow citizens sell themseves in exchange for wages ?

For once , I would agree with the Red Left on that point , if very little else.

Purely one of an observation theme when compared with other events in the past.
Secondly the medical practitioner s. Treat carers like Mushrooms,

They keep us in the dark and regularly pour a bucket of manure all over us.