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Hello Carers were all abuses now! - Carers UK Forum

Hello Carers were all abuses now!

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Image Image What is the point all unpaid family carers are abusers according an article in the Daily Mail.

Carers UK should cease this moment and reply on behalf of the millions of carers who they represent to set the record straight and demand the bloody paper to present the statistics of family abuse council by council.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... -shop.html

I am not a carer any longer but am totally offended by this article.
It happens.Problem is we all get tainted by the same brush.Could rant and rage about the need for regulatory bodies to check on the vulnerable,but what`s the point,who cares.The Daily Mail raises an issue to sell it`s newspaper not because it intends to lead a campaign which will benefit the vulnerable.Morons up and down the country will feel outraged that this happens,and not bother to see their elderly relatives because they are too busy.Social Services and Government officials will say lessons must be learnt,then pat themselves on the back for `their` care in the community successes.On it goes,and in the meantime i just do what i can to keep my parents out of the clutches of the State.Welcome to the 21st century. Image Image
This article is bloody disgusting. i am beyond speechless. This article is emotionally and psychologically abusive towards carers.
One of the coomments underneath is from an Italian bloke called dario. He says this would never happen in Italy because the elderly are respected.
The bit hes left out (possibly because he may be a little misogynistic) is the fact that in Italy family members who are carers are VALUED. they also will have other family members helping them because everyone usually pulls together which doesnt always happen here.
As usual the Daily Mail only see what they want to see.
When Text Santa was launched at the weekend my husband changed channel when David Cameron came on. He (nor i) could take the absolute galling hypocrisy of it. The fact that the Gov and certain parts of the media are happy to either vilify or completely ignore carers one minute and then use us for PR the next leaves a very foul taste in the mouth for both me and my husband.
The disabled were first.

Their carers are next.

No big surprise, really. Image
it's quite simple really,people are scared of what they can't or won't understand,look back through time whether it be jesus on the the cross,the sun etc etc.it's easier to victimise than understand and the minority of people who choose to fraud the government by claiming disability benefits instead of working will ultimately lead us all to be classed the same,i had a woman in the taxi the other weekend who's friend was still on dla after getting better at least 3 years ago
The article is shambolic, it starts off raising concerns about families and ends up saying that
"Staff at one care home were giving a 90-year-old man five times his prescribed dosage of sedatives. The error was spotted when the man was admitted to hospital. Managers were sacked, staff given extra training, and the elderly man was moved to a new care home. "

The Daily Mail isnt a newspaper, it is just a dirty little muck-raking comic. Personally I dont care much about it: the kind of people who are really changing society dont bother to read it and neither do I.

Which is not to say that family abuse doesnt take place, of course it does. Families are a very dangerous place to be, and statistically speaking, the most common abuser is a close female relative.
I think CUK should dedicate a page to highlight what consitutes abuse.

There was report published by the Alzheimer's Society drawing attention to abuse
"People with dementia short changed out of £100 million and must be better protected says Alzheimer's Society"
http://www.alzheimers.org.uk/site/scrip ... ewsID=1127

I fear more people will experience abuse due to the added pressure being placed on them - like withdrawing benefits from couples who have a partner in work and have savings over
£16,000 this in my opinion will lead to more domestic abuse. I recommend reading this .

http://www.helpguide.org/mental/domesti ... ffects.htm
Entity, how is it possible for Carer's UK to cover every possibility of abuse??? The term "abuse" is just an umbrella term and although it may be possible to cover most angles, there are always going to be some variations of it that aren't covered or even "Grey areas" where something can be termed as abuse for some people yet it's not abuse for others.

As for the article, I can see how a lot of the issues highlighted can take place since a lot of people who need care may not even have anyone to care for them and even those who do have someone to care for them can't be safe guarded every minute of the day, there just aren't the resources available to make this possible and even if there were it'd be nigh on impossible to run effectively and police properly.
Entity, how is it possible for Carer's UK to cover every possibility of abuse???"

Like you say there are many "grey areas" but that shouldn't stop us from talking about what constitutes abuse. That's why I posted the link for people to look at.

This was posted up on CUK facebook page by a friend of an elderly man

"feeling bit down the person had 2 falls who i help in my own time due to nasty carers not doing there job properly like coming wen people buzz now he full of bruises and arm in sling due to there incompitence makes me so angry"

The friend then went on to say "carers r not nice to me make me upset manager swears at me."
Double abuse!
Who do you call?
I pointed this person in the direction of Adult Safeguards because I couldn't find the info I was looking for on CUK website.
Ridiculous article.

Badly written & poorly researched.

Not even worth responding to.