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have we given up? - Carers UK Forum

have we given up?

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Are the disability charities going to take the government to the human rights court over DLA?
ever since the bill was passed we have heard nothing about that will be done to stop this? has everyone given up?

all this worry is not doing anyone any good. very anxious times.
I believe that the Disability Alliance is doing something, Sian.
I hope so as i havent heard or seen anything. only pats epetion.
i was thinking the people who have an life award or an indefinite award should be transfered to PIP without any form filling or medicals because they have it for that amount of time for a reason. why dont the goverment think like normal people.
I think people are giving up on the DLA to PIP.

I dont know why when this will affect SO many people. Were is OUR fight for our carees!
No-one is giving up, Sian, there is a lot going on, check out the disability charities, forums,and blogs and the Joint Committee on Human Rights has already expressed concern about the impact of the WRA on disabled people:

http://www.parliament.uk/documents/join ... _on_IL.pdf
Thank you for sharing, Parsifal.

It is good to know there are some MP`s beavering away in the background.

Take care
Thanks Parsifal.

Incidentally, I think it's interesting that George Osborne effectively came out and admitted that the changes to welfare provision have all been about cutting costs...
The current reforms contained in the WRA were also announced as a cost-cutting exercise in the budget preceding the reform proposals, something which Ministers, Miller in particular, have consistently denied ever since.
Well, it's easy to tell when Miller is economical with the truth...she looks like a goldfish....(mouth open)
I can remember a previous government encouraging disabled people to take up the benefits which were rightfully theirs, that there were millions of pounds waiting. Those were the days. The current attitude, benefits claimants being labelled as "scroungers" appalls me. I'm all in favour of efforts to identify fraudulent claimants, but the emphasis just seems to be on achieving a budget reduction target of 20%, whatever it takes. It seems we are regarded as a "soft" target. If we were students we could probably stage a mass demonstration but as carers and disabled people that's pretty well impossible.