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Andrew Lansley- Tories will not scrap Attendance Allowance.. - Carers UK Forum

Andrew Lansley- Tories will not scrap Attendance Allowance..

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Shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley has pledged to oppose government plans to axe attendance allowance and use the money to fund adult social care.

Speaking at the National Children and Adult Services Conference in Harrogate today, Lansley said a future Conservative government would examine how attendance allowance could be reformed but added that the government's plans, included in its adult care green paper , would run counter to independent living

Scrap/reform..........will there be a difference?

On this forum for months all we have talked about is welfare reform over and over again and of course the A.A. and D.L.A. how many times have we asked for the labour party to fund social care without the removal of long established benefits and a benefit that "WORKS" the likes of PHIL HOPE and the boy wonder ANDY BURNHAM have even today made a mess of their reply he has said they wont remove attendance allowance just do it in a different way come on thats complete bulldust if it`s used in a different way for those who lose it it`s gone KAPUT end off we have informed the ministers for months that they will lose millions of votes re the removal of either D.L.A. & A.A. and they have often got themselves mixed up as to what the A.A. & D.L.A. if removed would go on to fund one day its going to help those who want to keep their homes when they enter residential social care then it`s to help those who want care within the home then its for the social services via councils to supply help and support for the elderly disabled within their own home the whole green paper is absolute crap god help them if it ever gets to the house of lords and if it does go through i can see a judicial review being set up within days .

the tories have seen through the whole cock up of a green paper they may be a wee bit cynical but as usual they have their finger on the pulse of public opinion they no when the troops are restless the tories are a well planned party now and have yet again put the likes of PHIL no HOPE his side kick ANDY pandy BURNHAM well and truly on the ropes the labour party will now be scrambling for an answer and will as usual say the same as the tories they will do anything to get themselves out of the 5h1t what is it you say when you`ve dug yourself into a hole stop digging

if the minister had taken our advice and advice from dozens of support groups he would be sure of many votes from the elderly disabled and their carers but we have to vote with our wallets and if the tories give us a bit more hope then what will we do obviously we all need more detail but if the A.A. & D.L.A. is protected they get my vote .......
plain tossers the lot of them
The future...
Labour and the Tories have one common goal to cut welfare dependency and make the individual pay for their own health and welfare needs this includes carers.

Both parties used the same Think Tanks, Bankers and Insurance Companies to find ways of cutting disability and incapacity benefits and here’s the proof; "medical savings accounts" and Welfare recommendations for the UK based on the U.S. reforms of the 1990s just read


Insurance Industry Working Group (2009), Vision for the insurance industry in 2020, HM Treasury, p. 9.
Government in bed with Insurance companies..

Their long long term aim has always been towards a Single Working Age Benefit.


There is a long-held aspiration of heading for a single working-age benefit, with all the personalisation and benefits that will come with it. It would be a step along the way to have two working age benefits rather than three, and that is an achievement for which we should strive.