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Grimethorpe & Other Blighted Areas : Modern Day Reality

Posted: Wed May 03, 2017 10:29 am
by Chris From The Gulag
A little on the political side but a CLASSIC ... former mining community with something to say : ... -1-8522731

In essence , grass roots speaking sense that echoes across the country in areas almost forgotten by all and sundry.

Both men lament the loss of the local sporting facilities leaving little available for youngsters to do and see it as being tied into the community spirit they believe has been lost.

“In the days of the colliery, everybody knew everybody, you used to leave your doors open and now you can’t. We didn’t know there were drugs in the village when the pits were going, there were things for people to do,” says one.

As carers , we can share affinity with communities such as Grimethorpe , the very heart having been ripped out by economic circumstances with nothing done to replace the loss.

What must it be like to be a carer in Grimethorpe ?

Common for many ex miners to be found , confined to a wheelchair , with his miners' medals clearly on display ... an oxygen mark and bottle.

Remembrance Day ? Quite common for ex mining communities to gather together at the site of the last pit disaster at the former colliery to remember their fallen ....

Manton / Shireoaks / Cresswell / Langold ... all near to me honour those occasions.


All part of the bigger picture ... communities abandoned , carers simply ignored and taken for granted.

......... and no one even wants to listen !


Photo taken in 1999.


Photo from article , 2017.

Houses identical to 3 villages within 4 miles of me , 'ere in Worksop !

Hardly any life seen at anytime of day.

Perhaps a future Roadshow visit to somewhere similiar ?

After all , the Voice of Carers .... ALL carers ?

Your reading the words of one voice from forgotten lands now.

I only wish you could hear from a few more ... why should they bother , nobody's listening ?

Survey currently doing the rounds ... many completed by carers in similiar areas ?

Re: Grimethorpe : Modern Day Reality ! Worth Reading

Posted: Thu May 04, 2017 9:24 am
by Chris From The Gulag
Interesting Guardian article from March 2015 , a precurser to the first posting : ... unced-back

Grimethorpe, the mining village that hit rock bottom – then bounced back

Thirty years after pit workers ended their one-year strike and returned to work, local people recall how their community has been transformed

In common with another thread ... Middlesbrough ... a community bouncing back , if that is the right term in this case , from an economic and social holocaust wraught on them purely because the main industry was devastated by economic factors allied with Government policy.

Grimethorpe is not the first , nor will it be the last , community recovering from a " War " ( No bullets or bombs , but just as effective ) ... one to keep an eye on rather than to simply surf away , and not be concerned as to future developments.

Suffice to say , readers in similiar areas will see the priority in keeping tabs on communities such as Grimethorpe ... and Redcar ( Middlesbrough thread ).

Outside agencies should be very wary as to how their reborn child adapts to the modern world.




Re: Grimethorpe : Modern Day Reality ! Worth Reading

Posted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 8:05 am
by Chris From The Gulag
Today's Guardian , this time Horden , Durham , and their problems : ... -co-durham
‘People are starving’: village life in Britain’s blighted coalfields.

The once-proud community of Horden in Co Durham now struggles with drugs and social isolation, but a new initiative is offering some hope

Similar history and pattern , but slightly more severe due to their isolation in respect of the geographical location.

So, when a new community centre opened last month in the middle of the 13 numbered terraced streets, no one quite knew what to expect. Within days, a melancholy truth emerged: living conditions in Horden – a former mining village in County Durham and one of the most deprived places in Britain – were even worse than had been thought.

Paula Snowdon, who runs the Hub House, a converted end-of-terrace community centre on Seventh Street, describes malnourished families begging for food. “Most had received benefit sanctions and were basically starving when they came to us,” she said. Others turned up wanting little more than a chat. “We had individuals who hadn’t spoken to another person for days, sometimes weeks. Solitude is a major issue.”
The Inequality Project: the Guardian's in-depth look at our unequal world
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Some asked only to sit on the Hub’s sofa; private landlords lease homes without furniture in the numbered streets, forcing many tenants to live without the luxury of settees. Some arrived seeking refuge from the network of drug dealers that has infested the village: one resident on Eleventh Street counts six dealers among its 54 red-bricked properties. Yet what astonished Snowdon most was the prevalence of mental illness.

“The actual way of life around here causes problems. I would say that 85% have a mental health illness such as anxiety and depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Children are born into deprivation and high unemployment: people feel forgotten about.”

Similarly, the North-East Local Enterprise Partnership, created to boost regional economic growth, appears to have delivered scant benefit to the numbered streets; a third of the housing stock lies boarded up on Twelfth Street or has been converted into drug dens. Two years ago, a local housing association offered to sell 130 Horden homes to Durham council for £1 each. The council turned the offer down.


For any real diehard readers , the BEST survey report ever produced across the social spectrum bar none .... in PDF. format : ... fields.pdf

It lays bare the social holocaust created by Government action ... followed by years of non action !

As for the carers with their carees amonsgt their number ... want to swop places ?

Re: Grimethorpe : Modern Day Reality ! Worth Reading

Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 7:42 am
by Chris From The Gulag
A little more on Horden , lifted from an article on social housing / housing associations in today's Guardian :

Horden: Selling off the numbered streets netted £2.8m for housing association.

Streets of terrace houses in Horden were sold off by Accent Housing Association.


In Horden, a former mining village in County Durham, residents say they campaigned for years to get Accent housing association to maintain its oldest terrace houses – the “numbered streets”.

They claim the community was blighted after Accent withdrew a renovation programme on the properties and began to sell them off instead.

Pat Barnett, chairwoman of the Horden Colliery residents association, says: “Accent let their properties fall into a dreadful state of neglect. It became so bad that decent families moved out of the area, thus leaving more empty properties. In July 2015 [the housing association] had 144 empty properties and 74 tenanted properties, meanwhile Durham county council did nothing.

“The current problems within this area were not brought about by the residents but [by] Durham county council and Accent Housing. Both are guilty of neglect of their duties within the area. While collecting the rent and council tax from the tenants and the owner occupiers, they failed to reinvest any of these monies back into the area.”

Last year, Accent sold 166 properties in the village for a total of £2.8m, which it says was reinvested in other areas with a higher demand for social housing. A spokeswoman says: “To date, 242 of the houses with no demand for rent have been sold and a further four remain for sale.” She says it currently has 29 empty homes across the whole of County Durham, with two in Horden.

In a statement, the housing association says: “This decision was a reflection of the changing needs of this community which we continue to support,” the statement says. “Despite significant advertising and incentives to let them, we had no success. The cost of maintaining the empty properties was around £600,000 per annum.”

At the same time, Accent says it has seen increasing demand for homes for older people and those with health needs. “As a result, we have invested almost £9m in bungalows in these villages,” a spokeswoman says.

Councillor Kevin Shaw, Durham county council’s cabinet member for strategic housing, says the number of empty housing association properties in County Durham “has fluctuated in the last few years for a variety of reasons”.

He adds: “In order to ensure that social housing is meeting need and demand, registered providers are undertaking a range of investment and regeneration projects. Some properties are being sold, limited demolition is taking place and there is the usual turnover within the sector. Naturally these activities can lead to properties being empty for a period of time, but registered providers and ourselves are committed to bringing them back into use as quickly as possible.”

Re: Grimethorpe : Modern Day Reality ! Worth Reading

Posted: Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:41 am
by Chris From The Gulag
The economic and social problem blighting places such as Horden continue ... this one really takes the biscuit ? ... -1-8811022

Anger as ‘cowardly’ arsonists torch shop which raises thousands for Hartlepool hospice


Reports in several local rags of raids on local food banks.

As for Horden , not many would now argue against the whole town being flattened , and , rebuilt by the Authorities who , through their negligence , have left the manor and it's citizens devoid of hope and ... more importantly , it's very soul !

If that's not all , the UC steamroller has hit town this month ... and not to exist with the slum clearance ... oh no ... human beings it's main target !

For the local authority , Durham County Council , every penny does really matter :
Durham Council apologises over 7p tax bill.

Durham County Council has apologised for sending a great-grandmother a demand for a few pence outstanding on a 12-year-old council tax bill.

Anything for them outside the advice team on this forum / site ?

Want to swop with a carer in Horden ?