Carers targeted in next personal budgets push

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Personal budgets for carers will be at the heart of the government's new vision for adult care, due next month. Although uptake is patchy, they can transform lives, finds Gordon Carson

On the face of it, care services minister Paul Burstow is pushing at a door that's already half open as he strives to make personal budgets for carers a priority, an ambition likely to be reinforced in the forthcoming vision for adult social care.
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Does this only apply for carers in England Rosemary? Scottish carers can't get carers grants.

I think so Eun. I took this from 2nd paragraph of the article
almost a quarter of carers in England who received carer-specific services in the year to 31 March were given personal budgets
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personal budgets ,,, direct payments ... are they not a means tested benefit ??
many carers like myself who have private pensions cant access them .. i have asked both Newcastle city , Northumberland council , and was informed due to my modest private pension no help available ... and i pay rent and council tax ...
what if you are a carer who works for the £105 per week will they be entitled to the personal budgets /direct payments ????

just where will the local authorities get the extra cash from?????
what help do carers get? sorry im clueless because we dont get ANY service (we as in. my family)what exactly is available to carers? apart from home helps (which we had and had to pay 15 pound a week for and they were bloody useless)

what do they class as a carer specific service ?
we dont have a social worker so sorry for such questions, but got no one else to turn to for advice LOL

Direct payments for health care: Information for pilot sites

National Health Service (Direct Payments) Regulations 2010.
Note: mean-tested, loss of DLA & AA and is most likely design to combat fraud. ... /DH_117477