GP Surgeries : Two Horse Race ?

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Several reports around today on the increasing number of gp surgeries that have closed / merged , the Independent for a change : ... 71366.html

Lack of funding / can't cope with increasing demand ?

Sound familiar ?

Two horse race of sorts ..... gp surgeries / Trussells ... one closing , the other opening ... over a year ... who would win ... early favourite would be Trussells ... but not by much ?
Another report , this time from the Morning Star : ... ash-crisis

More cutting , more apt ... the former comrades tend to get most of these right as opposed to watered down versions that need to pass the proprietor first.

And most proprietors dislike any articles that show up the policies of the present Government for what they really are ... a pogrom against all those that cannot work .... except of course , for any elderly citizens wearing blue scarves / jumpers to keep warm ???