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Government loses four Lords votes on home care plans - Carers UK Forum

Government loses four Lords votes on home care plans

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The government has been defeated four times in the House of Lords over plans to offer free personal care at home to 400,000 elderly and disabled people.

BBC see here
The game of political football is well and truly on Image
The game of political football is well and truly on Image
........... with a few own goals tossed in for good measure Image
All just seems to confirm that carers are being used for electioneering with no real intention of doing anything useful for us at all!!!!

This was mentioned on BBC news at around 5am - kept the news on hoping for more info but it never got a mention again in over four hours of news - whilst a cornish shanty group with a record deal were featured on countless occasions!

Ah well - at least we know where we stand - or lie - at the bottom of the priority pile!
Well done the house of Lords at last they have seen that this ill conceived scheme is unworkable, i was supprised to see carers uk pushing this bill through parliament -
it is funded to the tune of 700-000 million quid not even half of what may be req, asking the N.H.S. and local authorities to find the cash when they are also being forced to close other facilities for the elderly disabled . the numbers who may need help 280-000 +160-000 this increased to 400-0000 to 250-000 depending on which health minister was talking .
but the biggest problem was that many of these critically ill elderly disabled should in fact be in hospital for "real care" the level of ilness that the scheme would cover was the critically ill who needed help with FEEDING,DRINKING,TOILETING & PERSONAL HYGIENE as i`ve said before very few seriously ill will be classed as critically ill and will miss out on this so called care at home and the main problem for me was the amount of time that was available 6.5 hours per week 1 hour per day come on lets get real to help some one who is this ill would need at least 35 hours per week 35 hours oh thats just what we as carers have to provide just to be able to claim the carers allowance .
this cash could have increased the carers allowance by at least £20 per week ...

yesterday we had occ/therapist with social worker at home visit, social worker told me that to provide 1 hours care worker as sitter not doing any work now cost £11 per hour 6.5 hours per week £70 + do the maths it aint gonna work ...

and for Phil Hope to say families who stand to benefit from this free personal care at home will be bitterly disapointed , if he was providing 30,40,50 hours per week i would agree but six hours come on Phil wake up ....six hours by the time the coffee`s made they will be on their way and who wants agency workers many who never even turn up on time ....
I've just skimmed through the Home Care Bill discussion in the House of Lords back in February and agree with a lot of the findings:
Statistics are not collected on the number of people who are defined as being in "critical" need of care under the Fair Access to Care Services assessment process. Nor are there figures for the numbers already receiving reablement services or what proportion of those receiving reablement services will need no further help once that reablement exercise is over. Therefore, there are lots of uncertainties.
I agree with Lord Lipsey (Labour)
“It is no good producing a Bill to last the four weeks until a general election; we want a Bill that will take us forward in policy in this area not over days, months or even years but over decades, because decades are the time horizon for the Bill's effectsâ€