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Gov. Policy Briefing Note on Universal Credit and Carers - Carers UK Forum

Gov. Policy Briefing Note on Universal Credit and Carers

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The government has published Policy Briefing Notes detailing its proposed implementation of Universal Credit in advance of the the Welfare Reform Bill, currently before the House of Lords, being passed into law, the briefing note on carers is here, please note that this may change dependent on any amendments to the Bill:


Policy Briefing Notes published to date can be found here, others will follow]http://www.dwp.gov.uk/policy/welfare-re ... t-briefing[/url]
What about where it says you will only qualify for a "limited capability for work" or as a carer. What does that mean for those of us who are carers and disabled ourselves?
As far as I am aware the severe disability premium is being scrapped and it now appears that under Universal Credit a disabled carer will either be entitled to either the limited capability for work element or to the carer premium unlike the current situation where both premiums can be paid with means-tested benefits which will obviously result in a loss of income.

But I also wonder how many carers, disabled or not, will continue to be recognised within the benefits system as carers if the government's proposals to reduce the number of claimants entitled to DLA by introducing the PIP goes ahead. The government is clear that PIP will only be paid to the most severely disabled and looking at their proposals many who now qualify will have difficulty qualifying under the proposed criteria, some may therefore find that neither they nor the person who they care for is recognised as disabled or as a carer in which case the loss of income through the loss of DLA and the current premiums will be substantial and the impact devastating. At what point does the caring relationship become financially unsustainable?
so basically this is saying that each individual disabled persons disability is the same as the next one? or have I read that wrong?
I think that the government is saying that only a small minority of sick and disabled people are sufficiently severely disabled to have care and mobility needs which require additional financial support and/or a member of their family to give up work to care for them.

The government seems also to have created another class of carers, carers who will have to comply with conditions placed on them, including participation in the Work Programme, or face sanctions:
Conditionality and the Work Programme
d) Carers who are in receipt of the carers element will fall into the no conditionality group in Universal Credit. For other carers, different levels of conditionality may apply.

e) It is important to have flexibility for other carers who do not fall into the no conditionality group as their caring responsibilities may change from day to day. To ensure these carers receive the level of conditionality that is appropriate to their needs, it is envisaged that the same level of flexibility that is within the current systems will be incorporated into Universal Credit. Access to the Work Programme will depend on the carers conditionality group.
Carers who claim other benefits as well as the carers allowance will be moved onto the universal credit ...carers like me who are entitled to claim the carers allowance even though we have private pensions will remain outside the universal credit and will be exempt from seeking work , however if the carer who is exempt from seeking work wish`s to take part in any work focused activities being a carer will not bar them from retraining for a return to work...and we must continue to provide 35 hours of care work per week ...they will try and stop carers who have a disability benefit from also claiming the carers alloiwance ..it`s on his wish list ...as is the extra care for those who care for veterans ..one day soon i doubt it ..it`s just all talk ...