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i rang dhss dept and they told me that carers r in no way gonna be forced onto jobseekers allowance. PS anyone already also on incapacity benefits wont be affected by any new changes either. Its only new claimants
Hi Shandy

Just to clarify why people are talking about this. Your DHSS person is right that fronm their end there are no definite plans to put carers onto jobseekers. However what does exist is a proposal in a government planning document called the welfare reform green paper. At the moment this is an idea that government have. For it to become law would require a lot of parliamentary activity. However it is a very real threat which is why Carers UK is campaigning to make sure it doesn't become anything more than an idea.

You are right about the recent changes to Incapacity benefit - only new claimants from October 2008 are affected. There is an article explaining the new Employment Support Allowance on Page 12 of the last issue of Carers UK's magazine which can be downloaded here



lets hope the government see we already wroking. Does it mean tho that if the green paper allows us to be on JSA does it mean we r forced to work. I cant my husband has schitzophrenia and is manically depressed and risk of suicide and is incontinent. I cant wrok what will they do to that? trying no to worry but how far will they go? do u know
I know it's hard not to worry but honestly shandy at these stage, it isn;t worth worrying about. There are so many "what if's" that no one can say for certain what will happen.

1. Even if this goes through unhindered, any changes are unlikely to happen for at least 5-6 years and ;
2. The government have stated very clearly that even if it goes through and they move carers onto jobseekers there will be no conditionality - in other words they will not treat carers the same as other 'jobseekers' and will not force them into work. Ministers have given this assurance.

However our concern is that assurances don;t mean anything if there is a change of government they might not see things the same way. It;s a stupid idea all round and we're fighting hard to get it stopped.

matt thnks that helped bless u
when WE move onto J.S.A. you will have to have enough N.I. contributions to receive help ( see select committee report ) also same report is worried that many carers who move onto J.S.A. may be means tested so many of us will end up with nowt .
i rand carers aloowance and income support tells me its a rumour and that thyrv not been informed of anything and even if a change took place it wouldnt be for years and we wouldnt miss out. Also carers IF IF were to go to jsa WONTbe forced 2 work